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Example sentences for "hilltops"

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  1. Who freight for storms no hopeful argosy, Who watch no beacon wane on hilltops grey, Who bound their all, where from the human eye The horizon fades away?

  2. It consists of tree-covered slopes, and flat grass-covered hilltops and valleys.

  3. The flat hilltops are covered by a mixture of grasses and forbs but are dominated by awnless brome (Bromus inermis).

  4. Black hilltops are as islands jutting out from a grey supermundane sea.

  5. As I wandered on the hilltops far from home I was astonished when Tom, the cutest of black boys, dropped on his knees to investigate a crevice between two horizontal slabs of granite filled with dead leaves and loam.

  6. Remember that our own government has erected numbers of forts on hilltops throughout the South-west expressly for the purpose of holding such tribes as the Navajoes and Apaches in check.

  7. Again, we read of "hilltops that thrust their heads through the slowly vanishing vapor.

  8. The white points on the hilltops reddened and caught fire.

  9. The Libyan hilltops were, at that instant, illuminated by the sun, and Kenkenes, in obedience to lifelong training, rested his oars and bent his head.

  10. The sombre moors were warming into crimson when they met the morning sun, and the shadows among the rocks and distant hilltops showed the whole gamut of blues and purple greys.

  11. The ground was powdered with early snow, and the higher hilltops looked solidly white and alpine.

  12. Could we thus stand upon the hilltops and keep watch through the long coal building ages, we should see generation after generation of forest trees and underwoods living, withering, dying, falling to earth.

  13. Above the hilltops the sky was very blue, and the distant heights seemed dream mountains and easy of climbing.

  14. The way was arduous, and every man must watch his footsteps; moreover, the last rays of the sun were gilding the hilltops above them, and the level that should form their camping-place must be reached before the falling of the night.

  15. Every fair night after that they practiced with their wings, and at the end of a month they felt as safe in the air as on the ground, and could skim over the hilltops like birds.

  16. As he walked along and saw the sheep and goats feeding on the hilltops near his own town, he chanced to think of Apollo and of the last words that he had heard him say: "When you need my help, let me know.

  17. It was raining fast, and the fantastic hilltops were wrapped in clouds, as we entered Rio Bay.

  18. His eyes rested upon the sun-bathed hilltops with a deep peace.

  19. The hilltops are free: the hilltops are open: from their peaks we can catch betimes some crimson glimpses of the sunrise and the morning.

  20. The trees were not old, but they grew thickly round the glade; there was no outlook, except northeastward upon distant hilltops or straight upward to the sky; and the encampment felt secure and private like a room.

  21. Every fair night after that they practiced with their wings, and 20 at the end of a month they felt as safe in the air as on the ground and could skim over the hilltops like birds.

  22. The hilltops are higher above the main road than the valley is below.

  23. He wants us to share those rare hilltops with Him.

  24. There's a breeze from the hilltops that comes sweeping down through the trees, while you are slowly picking your way along the rough, narrow valley road.

  25. A branch could easily wind up the hill from the vicinity of Kennywood Park, and thence cross the hilltops forming a main east and west thoroughfare.

  26. Attractive old castles on neighboring hilltops received hardly a glance; even one overhanging our very road barely caused us to check up.

  27. It was better to glide restfully along the poppied way and see the landscape presentment of those stately piles crowning the hilltops or reflected in the bright waters of the Loire.

  28. The first beams of the sun were touching redly the hilltops and the birds were singing from swaying weeds when they rode down the last slope into the valley where camped the Flying-U.

  29. The shadows had flowed over the coulee-rim and the hilltops were smothered in gloom when Miss Satterly went home that night, and her aunt Meeker sent her straight to bed and dosed her with horrible home remedies.

  30. So, at last, the Hilltops were foiled and baffled.

  31. The commander of the Hilltops called his forces together early, and a plan of battle was definitely formed.

  32. Hilltops and Riverbeds alike, all differences and enmities forgotten in this new crisis, they joined in gathering up the wet and muddy folds, and in bearing them to the warmth and shelter of the school-house.

  33. With the first snow of the winter came the first physical clash between the opposing forces of Hilltops and Riverbeds.

  34. An onslaught from the Riverbeds' left, drove the right wing of the Hilltops back into the shadow of the fort.

  35. After a consultation among the Hilltops it was decided to take up a position across the road from the school-house, and await the emergence of the foe.

  36. Moreover, was it not Pen's grandfather who had given the flag, and who was to be the chief guest of the school, and was it not up to the Hilltops to see that he was treated with becoming courtesy?

  37. I conned the road, on which I saw only the rear of a column of wagons convoying arena-beasts receding over the hilltops to southwards, and the normal traffic, horsemen or two-horse carriages or wagons far apart and few.

  38. After I had caught glimpses of it on several successive hilltops the propraetor's carriage was near enough, on one of them, for me to recognize it.

  39. From the hilltops we had glimpses of great valleys below, valleys which are mined and furrowed and channelled by a great industrial host whose crowded dwellings resemble the hives of bees and are as monotonously alike.

  40. He was reciting with fervor and genuine passion, in the broadest Berlinese dialect, one of their treasured poems which begins with these lines: "High upon the hilltops of thy mountains stand I, Thou beautiful and mighty Fatherland.

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