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Example sentences for "incommoding"

Lexicographically close words:
incommensurability; incommensurable; incommensurate; incommode; incommoded; incommodious; incommodities; incommunicable; incomparable; incomparably
  1. Innumerable catenations of motions may proceed at the same time, without incommoding each other.

  2. The boy was swung upon the saddle of one of the horses and fastened there by means of thongs, which, although not incommoding him whilst riding, utterly precluded all idea of escape.

  3. Any slight attention, or an apology made for crushing or incommoding you, is best acknowledged by a courteous bow, in silence.

  4. Be careful always in opening a door or raising a window in a public parlor, that you are not incommoding any one else.

  5. The log-houses stand in the rear of the line which the new houses are to occupy in the street, so that when in time they wish to erect brick buildings, it may be done without incommoding the tenants of the log dwellings.

  6. For such as smoke tobacco, there is a separate apartment provided, in which they enjoy this acquired habit, without incommoding the other passengers, or the ladies thereby.

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