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Example sentences for "absorbers"

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  1. Part of the heat-absorbers is shown, and their general direction.

  2. Thus there would be a contraction in the volume, and air thus compressed would subsequently be released into the open air when the absorbers were uncoupled.

  3. After innumerable trials with glazed vessels of different kinds of pottery and glass, arrangements were made with the Royal Berlin Porcelain Works to mold and make these absorbers out of their highly resistant porcelain.

  4. The total volume of water in the absorbers is 254 cubic centimeters.

  5. A number of such absorbers were made and have been constantly used for a year and are absolutely without criticism.

  6. The paraffin-treated absorbers continued to give satisfaction, but it was soon seen that for permanent use something more satisfactory must be had.

  7. This necessitates weighing the absorbers to within 0.

  8. If the sulphuric-acid absorbers have not exceeded the limit of gain in weight they are used again; if they have, new ones are put in their place.

  9. During this period the other set of absorbers is carefully weighed and made ready to be put in place and tested and about 10 minutes before the experiment proper begins the residual analyses are begun.

  10. In fact, after the absorbers are coupled in place they are invariably subjected to severe tests to prove tightness.

  11. The air passes through one set of purifiers during this preliminary period, and as no measurements are made for this period it is not necessary that the weights of the absorbers be previously known.

  12. Schematic diagram of water-circuit for the heat-absorbers of the calorimeter 22 15.

  13. With this system it is possible to weigh these absorbers to within 0.

  14. Also it swung a good deal as the body was very long, and the shock absorbers helped to make it swing.

  15. We had very strong shock absorbers to prevent the body smashing the back axle and springs when we went through very deep holes, and sub-radius rods to strengthen the steering-rod and front axle.

  16. Carbonic acid gas is one of the feeblest absorbers of the radiant heat emitted by solid bodies.

  17. But it is not the less true that in the case of wearing apparel--and this for reasons which I have given in analysing the experiments of Franklin--black dresses are more potent than white ones as absorbers of solar heat.

  18. We have now to change the form of our conception, and to figure these molecules not as absorbers but as radiators, not as the recipients but as the originators of wave-motion.

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