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Example sentences for "absorptions"

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absorbers; absorbing; absorbingly; absorbs; absorption; absorptive; absque; abstain; abstained; abstainer
  1. Passing from the lime light to the incandescent spiral, the absorptions of the smaller equivalent quantities, in the two tubes, were 23.

  2. Thus closely do the absorptions in the two cases run together--thus emphatically do the molecules assert their individuality.

  3. The world buzzed along after its own fashion, not disturbing him, and his absorptions permitted only a faint consciousness of the despair of his relatives regarding his mind.

  4. For these absorptions constituted the moments of the soul’s feeding and harmonization, and they enriched and concentrated it, for the service of its fellows, the occasion of further self-enlargement.

  5. These latter absorptions are primarily psychical and involuntary, indeed psychopathic.

  6. Absorptions in general are increased by inanition; hence the use of evacuations in the cure of ulcers.

  7. It must however be noted, that after evacuations opium seems to promote the absorptions more than the secretions; if you except that of the sensorial power in the brain, which probably suffers no absorption.

  8. The yields of furfuraldehyde would appear to have no definite relation to the other chemical data about a gum, such as the potash and baryta absorptions or the sugar produced on inversion.

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