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Example sentences for "absorptive"

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  1. The same fraction, by the principle of equality of emissive and absorptive powers, will measure the proportion absorbed of incident radiation R'.

  2. They also supported his conclusion that absorptive power increases with the complexity of the molecule.

  3. Tyndall's observations on the absorptive powers of gases and vapours satisfactorily in nearly all cases with the single exception of aqueous vapour.

  4. This absorptive property (or "imbibition-energy") of the plasm is connected with the colloidal character of the albuminoids.

  5. This process of diffusion, or osmosis, plays a most important part in the life of all organisms; but it is by no means peculiar to the living substance, any more than the absorptive or viscous condition is.

  6. Mr. Tilden reported the wood to be brittle, and the water used to test the absorptive power to have been filled with threads of fungi in forty-eight hours.

  7. He found the impregnation uneven, and the absorptive power high, but he did not find any arsenic, though its use was claimed.

  8. Here again in respect to its absorptive power for ammonia, peat comes to our aid.

  9. Similar experiments, by Anderson, on a Scotch peat, showed it to possess, when wet, an absorptive power of 2 per cent.

  10. This cuts the fibers clean and short and leaves them in a most absorptive condition.

  11. Absorptive in nature to a marked degree, it swells with the water it takes up and is limp and flaccid.

  12. Waves of pleasure rippled through him as more of his absorptive surface contacted the filament.

  13. Feverishly, he tried to disengage his absorptive surfaces from the filament and crawl down its length to safety, but he couldn't move.

  14. Regretfully, he began moving the cornified cells of his mantle and his under layer toward his inner surfaces, arranging them in a protective layer around his germ plasm and absorptive cells.

  15. Slowly his tissues separated as he reluctantly abandoned his absorptive surface.

  16. The absorptive power of charcoal for gases is similar to the condensation of gases in spongy platinum.

  17. This has been proved with absolute certainty to be the case, and is due to the absorptive power of the soil.

  18. The light sorts of charcoal produced from charred wood, on the other hand, show this absorptive power in a most marked degree.

  19. These bands have different lengths and positions, and distinctness and intensity of absorption, according to the properties of the absorptive medium.

  20. The absorptive capacity is the relation between the intensity of the light (of a given wave-length) falling upon and retained by a substance.

  21. But when the excrement was completely dried it required but a few hours to reveal typhoid bacilli in the more absorptive fluid, milk, and at a later stage the water also showed clear signs of pollution.

  22. The explanation of this is probably the simple one that the stomach reacted with its secretion of gastric juice only to food (milk), but simply passed the water on into the lower and more absorptive parts of the alimentary canal.

  23. It is par excellence an absorptive fluid.

  24. Wounds which are jagged, and occurring in absorptive tissues, are those most fitted to allow the entrance of the bacillus.

  25. How is the absorptive capacity of a flour determined?

  26. How may the absorptive power of a flour be determined?

  27. Way came to the conclusion that there is in clays a peculiar class of double silicates to which the absorptive properties of soil are due.

  28. Way’s investigations in regard to the absorptive powers of soils.

  29. Fahnehjelm, of Stockholm, Sweden, and consists in the substitution of a highly porous and absorptive species of wood charcoal, in place of the earth heretofore employed.

  30. It had long been known that charcoal was highly absorptive of certain gases, but except in rare instances no thorough study had ever been made of the subject.

  31. A metal canister in which was contained the absorptive neutralizing chemicals.

  32. The use of such waves of force was exhausting to Underwood, but he knew that Demarzule's absorptive organ should soon reach maximum capacity, if it were not allowed to drain away in the meantime.

  33. He gave up and turned back, letting the power flow into the absorptive cells of the dor-abasa, but it could not be for long, for the organ would disrupt under such stress.

  34. Since the absorptive capacity of the capitalists for luxuries cannot keep up with labour productivity, that is to say with the increase in surplus value, there must be crises and over-production.

  35. But the individual capitalist may not always expand because of an absolute increase in the absorptive capacity of the market, but also as a result of the competitive struggle, at the cost of other individual capitalists.

  36. Liquid petrolatum is medicinal; it greatly modifies the intestinal flora; it acts as a lubricant and emollient; it modifies the absorptive powers of the intestinal mucous membrane; it is capable of influencing the digestion of fats.

  37. Its lining will fold and flex and vastly increase the digestive and absorptive surfaces.

  38. To begin with less characteristic organs the digestive system is much like that of the annelid or schematic worm, but with greatly increased glandular and absorptive surfaces.

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