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  1. Further, they can be divided into two classes, the aerobic and the anaerobic.

  2. We can well imagine that in an animal, scarcely formed, the power of oxygenation of the blood globules is not as yet capable of preventing the aerobic microbe from turning to its own account the oxygen of the blood.

  3. Thuillier had had the patience to make, in this manner, eighty cultures in contact with air, and eighty cultures in a vacuum; the microbe of the saliva being both aerobic and anaerobic.

  4. Like the bacillus of splenic fever, the microbe of the fowl cholera is an aerobic organism.

  5. The cause of this, no doubt, is that an aerobic parasite has always some difficulty in developing itself in the blood.

  6. At the same time, though it is entitled to be called an aerobic organism, it differs essentially in certain respects from the parasite of splenic fever.

  7. It appears certain, then, that every boil contains a microscopic aerobic microbe, and that to it are due the local inflammation and the consequent formation of pus.

  8. In brief, it appears certain that every furuncle contains an aerobic microscopic parasite, to which is due the local inflammation and the pus formation that follows.

  9. I seem to have observed as a general principle, that, provided the blood corpuscles are in good physiological condition it is difficult for aerobic parasites to develop in the blood.

  10. I have seen these facts many times in anthrax and chicken-cholera, diseases both of which are due to the presence of an aerobic parasite.

  11. Due de Savoie was General of his whole army.

  12. And here I would note that we had put many of them in a great tower, laying them on a little straw: and their pillows were stones, their coverlets were cloaks, those who had any.

  13. Turning not only restores aerobic conditions, but also tends to drop the moisture content.

  14. If air supply is choked off, aerobic microorganisms die off and are replaced by anaerobic organisms.

  15. Bedding Bedding is a high C/N material that holds moisture, provides an aerobic medium worms can exist in, and allows you to bury the garbage in the box.

  16. At the opposite extreme, piles made of finely ground or soft, wet materials tend to compact, ending convective air exchanges and bringing aerobic decomposition to a halt.

  17. If aerobic conditions are maintained, the odor from a worm box is very slight and not particularly objectionable.

  18. The best beddings are also light and airy, helping to maintain aerobic conditions.

  19. Speed of decomposition comes about from very high internal heat and extreme aerobic conditions.

  20. The scientific working of a septic tank depends upon the destructive work of two kinds of microscopic life known as aerobic and anaerobic forms of bacteria.

  21. There are aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, also nitrogen-gathering bacteria and nitrifying bacteria which are often loosely referred to as azotobacter species.

  22. Sewerage in the first tank is worked over by aerobic bacteria, the kind that require a small amount of oxygen in order to live and carry on their work.

  23. The work of the anaerobic labourers consists in breaking down the complex organic compounds present in sewage, whilst the completion of the process of purification is left to the aerobic varieties.

  24. The aerobic bacteria, however, besides demanding space and time, insist upon their workshops being well ventilated, and if the supply of fresh air is in any way curtailed they stop work entirely.

  25. Hence the ventilation of the aerobic workshops becomes a matter of primary importance if the valuable services of these labourers are to be retained.

  26. The fermentation produced by the aerobic bacteria is most often met in bottled milk and cream during the warmer times of the year.

  27. The germ content of butter is said to be greater on the outside of a package than within the mass, due doubtless to the free access of air, thus favoring the growth of the aerobic forms.

  28. Second, running appears to be an especially effective way to derive specific therapeutic benefits from an aerobic activity.

  29. Gradually, as decay progresses, the aerobic organisms increase in number.

  30. Secondly, it acts as a retarder of fermentation by limiting the supply of atmospheric oxygen, and thus preventing, as we have just seen, aerobic fermentation.

  31. Of course it will be seen that the effect of exposing the manure to the action of the air is to induce the development of the aerobic type of organism, and thus to promote more rapid fermentation.

  32. In regard to exposure we learn that certain putrefactive bacteria are aerobic in character, i.

  33. Bacterial infections of the bladder are not inconceivable although luminous bacteria are strongly aerobic and would not thrive under anaerobic conditions.

  34. The admission of oxygen results in aerobic conditions and luciferin in presence of luciferase can then oxidize to oxyluciferin with luminescence.

  35. In aerobic respiration, oxygen is absorbed and CO{2} given off.

  36. One of the most important of these types is the aerobic "Azotobacter" (Fig.

  37. In the case of these last organisms, a preference for more or less oxygen is indicated by the approach to the aerobic or anaerobic type of growth.

  38. They found further that, by the addition of small quantities of sugars, coagulation under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions was improved.

  39. An exercising body really does make antidepressant neurochemicals called endorphins, but only after about 45 minutes to an hour of aerobic workout.

  40. Daily aerobic exercise will strengthen the heart, gradually slowing the heart's resting pulse rate, indicating that the heart has become much stronger, pumping more blood with each pulse.

  41. One measure of aerobic fitness is how quickly the heart is able to return to its resting rate.

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