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Example sentences for "alibis"

Lexicographically close words:
aliaque; aliarum; alias; aliases; alibi; alicubi; alicui; alicuius; alicujus; alid
  1. Fifty arrests have been made, but there will be fifty alibis proven.

  2. They've probably arranged their alibis long ago.

  3. The district attorney expressed the strongest hopes of obtaining convictions; but there came disturbing rumors of alibis for the accused, of manufactured evidence, and of overwhelming surprises to be sprung at the last moment.

  4. These perfectly attested alibis are sometimes manufactured very carefully," said Zizi, fixing her black eyes on Peterson.

  5. And, too, he has absolute alibis for all the spook appearances after a certain date.

  6. I suspected it, but I've had hard work to get Stebbins to admit his tricks, and also to check up his alibis after that particular night.

  7. Yes, I guess I'll have quite a fine assortment of alibis at the end.

  8. I suppose competent alibis will let most of 'em out.

  9. You could arrest every known member of the gang, and they'd have twenty alibis ready, and jolly good alibis too.

  10. As for Mr. Ward and Mr. Beard, their alibis are equally strong.

  11. The frankness with which Luckstone had revealed the evidence on which he based his alibis could leave no doubt that the witnesses would confirm all he had said.

  12. The very fact of their being compelled to supply themselves with alibis proves their guilty knowledge of the crime.

  13. Coroner, the alibis which Mr. Luckstone presented are worthless," the detective said in a subdued voice that nevertheless penetrated his hearers like an icy wind.

  14. I am not here to abuse all the witnesses that appeared to prove alibis for these defendants.

  15. There is evidence, however, which more than outweighs all the alibis they can bring here.

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