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Example sentences for "alights"

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aliens; alienum; alight; alighted; alighting; align; aligned; aligning; alignment; alignments
  1. And here alights a tiny sprite, whose magic touch evokes even from the same leaf a cherry, or a coral bead, perhaps a huge green apple!

  2. A bee alights upon the flower--the object of its visit being, of course, the sweets located in the five horn-shaped nectaries.

  3. He alights upon one of the tiny bells scarce half the size of his body.

  4. Mr. Hopper alights from the car with complacency.

  5. Baiae, apparently, is a topsy-turvy world in which, if one alights upside down, it is difficult to become righted.

  6. His Excellency alights and examines the Columbia with much interest, and then requests me to ride on immediately in advance of the carriage.

  7. It is by means of these also that it teases us in the heat of summer, when it alights on the hand or face to sip the perspiration as it exudes from, and is condensed upon, the skin.

  8. The insect alights upon what she considers to be a suitable leaf, and begins with her sharp jaws to cut out a piece of a crescent form from its edge.

  9. She then smooths the walls of this cavity, and all being now ready for putting up the hangings, she betakes herself to the fields, and alights upon some fresh-expanded poppy flower, just displaying its crimson cheeks to the light of day.

  10. The salutation is repeated by the whole nation, who pronounce the word hoo nine times distinctly, and at the ninth time he alights and places himself on his throne.

  11. When it alights on your table in the evening, attracted by the lamp, it behaves in a seemingly ridiculous way.

  12. He is the more dangerous because, flying in rapidly, he often alights on your collar or neck, and the action of brushing him off causes the emission of the acid, and the blister follows.

  13. Now he alights upon the tulip-tree, and swells his speckled breast in a series of short experiments--a broken song, in which every note or call has its twin echo.

  14. A villanous shrike must needs come upon the scene: he alights upon a limb near by, with blood upon his beak.

  15. Presently he alights upon the end of a birch-log in the wood-pile, and sips the sweet exuding sap.

  16. Another method, occasionally used, is to descend with the wings about two-thirds open, causing a loud roaring noise due to the wind passing through the separated primaries, and in this case the bird alights directly with spread wings and tail.

  17. On its breeding ground it often alights on the tops of spruce or larch trees, or on bushes or dead stubs, on which it balances rather awkwardly.

  18. Then she alights near the young and runs about feigning lameness, while trying in every way to make you attempt to capture her.

  19. When a flock of dowitchers alights the birds are closely bunched, but they soon scatter out and begin to feed.

  20. When a flock alights on the water, the individuals soon scatter and swim about rapidly and independently in zigzag lines or circles, jabbing their bills into the water in a nervous and excited manner.

  21. Owing to the weight of the beak, the hornbill is in danger of toppling over, head foremost, as it alights on a branch, and assuredly would sometimes do so but for the long tail which serves to balance the great beak.

  22. Having secured its victim, it alights on a branch or on the ground, and there spreads out its tail and turns as if on a pivot, now to one side, now to the other.

  23. She hovers gracefully over the vacant site, examines and alights upon the exact spot where the stone used to lie.

  24. If the distance be less, a yard for instance, the Mason sooner or later alights on the stone which supports her abode.

  25. Moreover, if some heedless one mistakes her cell and so much as alights on the rim of a cup that does not belong to her, forthwith the owner appears, admonishes her severely and soon calls her to order.

  26. I pause within four or five yards of them and am looking about me, when my eye alights upon these gray, motionless figures.

  27. Looking along New York Avenue from Northern Liberty Market, the eye glances, as it were, from the red clay of the street, and alights upon this fresh scene in the distance.

  28. Thou art like the bird That alights and sings Though the frail spray bends-- For he knows he has wings.

  29. Anon, the black-bird alights on the swaying reeds, and the lightning-rod man alights on the farmer with great joy and a new rod that can gather up all the lightning in two States and put it in a two-gallon jug for future use.

  30. As it alights on some neighbouring tree-trunk, its identity will be finally established by its green back and wings, yellow rump, and crimson crown.

  31. A butterfly precedes us on our path and alights under our eyes, but when we come up it takes wing again, and comes down a little farther and begins all over again; and we smile at the butterfly that thinks of us.

  32. The frightful searching of the shells alights around me.

  33. Before he alights he makes the tour of the whole place deliberately, and when he comes before the corn, he salutes it thrice with the words hoo, hoo, hoo, lengthened and pronounced respectfully.

  34. If missed once it comes back again almost immediately, and almost alights on the net of the collector.

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