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Example sentences for "approximations"

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approximated; approximately; approximates; approximating; approximation; approximative; appui; appulse; appurtenance; appurtenances
  1. The longitude problem in no way depends upon perfect solution; existing approximations are sufficient to a point of accuracy far beyond what can be wanted.

  2. And how can we account for the African approximations to the same pattern?

  3. For this there is no evidence in North America, where complete Hawaiian schemes, or even approximations thereto, are lacking.

  4. For the record, the figures which I gave Mr. Simmons are approximations and are not to be taken as the Commission's conclusive determination of what those distances are.

  5. For the record, these figures are approximations of the figures believed to be involved in the assassination.

  6. The following rules, therefore, must be understood as rough approximations for practical use, and though they have been empirically discovered their theoretical significance is often fairly obvious.

  7. The hen or pigeon dung bate is still usual, and probably gives the best results, though closer approximations have been made of recent years on artificial lines.

  8. But if we turn to pathology, it offers us some remarkable approximations to true Xenogenesis.

  9. While, on the other hand, the produced rostral form of the snout, the long symphysis, and the low coronary process of the mandible are approximations to the cetacean form of those parts.

  10. Approximations to earlier and present figures of the earth 15 6.

  11. Approximations to earlier and present figures of the earth.

  12. Such a difference, however, is slight, and very close approximations may be computed from the ultimate analysis.

  13. Table 44 gives the value of mill bagasse at different extractions, which data may be of service in making approximations as to its fuel value as compared with that of other fuels.

  14. It seems that both in Amphibians and Elasmobranchii the type with a single duct, or approximations to it, are more often found in the females than in the males.

  15. Approximations have, of course, been made, and, as might be expected, vary greatly in results.

  16. The results, however, can only be considered as approximations of the truth.

  17. In almost all sciences there are some general propositions which are exactly true, while the greater part are only more or less distant approximations to the truth.

  18. In a quasi-existence, nothing more sensible than this can be said upon any so-called subject--perhaps there are higher approximations to ultimate sensibleness.

  19. It's a little contest in relative approximations to realness.

  20. We are intermediatists--that nothing is real, but that nothing is unreal: that all phenomena are approximations one way or the other between realness and unrealness.

  21. Both types have a complete segmentation, but Lepidosteus presents in its development some striking approximations to the Teleostei.

  22. Lepidosteus and Amia, shew approximations to the Teleostei, which no doubt originated from the Ganoids; while the other (Selachoidei or Sturiones) is more nearly related to the Dipnoi.

  23. And Science has often to deal with approximations when nothing but approximations can be obtained.

  24. Many chemical properties can only be so expressed; many primary facts, such as the distances, the volumes, the weights of heavenly bodies; and yet the approximations serve our purpose.

  25. And from these successive approximations the final form of the thought may be more easily and surely distilled than if it had to be all formed in one's head before it could get even an approximate expression.

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