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Example sentences for "aubergine"

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  1. Modern travellers have found the aubergine cultivated in the whole of the Nile Valley and on the coast of Guinea.

  2. A gold base deeply chiselled in wave-diaper and overrun with a paste of aubergine purple is the most pleasing.

  3. But the Queen, from the very first moment she set eyes on her, had seen that Princess Aubergine was no human being, but a fairy, and knew she must be very careful how she set about her magic.

  4. No sooner had he touched it than he fled away so fast that none of the servants or guards could stop him, and never drew breath till he reached the place where the beautiful Princess Aubergine lay dead.

  5. So the wicked Queen killed her second son with her own hands, but when she sent the slave-girl to see whether Aubergine was dead also, the girl returned again saying the Princess was alive and well.

  6. Now lovely Aubergine was vain of her beauty, and fell into the trap.

  7. In the story of the Princess Aubergine we read that "inside the fish there is a bumble-bee, inside the bee a tiny box, and inside the box is the wonderful nine lakh necklace.

  8. The witch or sorcerer is always changing into a tiger, a monkey, or a fish; the princess is always appearing out of the aubergine or pomegranate.

  9. The hair is enamelled black, with yellow and aubergine ornaments.

  10. Just above, inside a building, which is of aubergine and green, is a man sorting the rice.

  11. A great feature of the body of the vase is the branches of trees on either side, carried out in aubergine in the most perfect gradation of colour.

  12. In the various sections are the figures of the eight immortals, wearing green, yellow, and aubergine robes; on the right-hand upper portion is a small figure of a dove in biscuit.

  13. Aubergine is a puzzling word and requires explanation.

  14. Under the figure of the goddess is a carp in yellow enamel rising from the waves, which are in green, and immediately in front is a sacred vessel in green enamel on an aubergine base.

  15. Aubergine is a very difficult colour to describe.

  16. Near the base is the figure of a man ploughing the rice field, with a water buffalo, in aubergine and yellow.

  17. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "aubergine" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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