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Example sentences for "auctions"

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  1. The novelty of Trinket Auctions soon wore off, and then another pastime, under the name of Loo, was introduced.

  2. This year the Company sold at four different auctions the number of 86 elephants for the sum of Rds.

  3. Company's servants, as they fetch more than that at the public auctions in Negapatam.

  4. Before me lie several of the priced catalogues of the Sotheby autograph auctions of six years ago.

  5. During the World War, auctions were held about twice a week; but after the signing of the armistice in November 1918, the London traders resumed the four times a week practise.

  6. The government then sold the coffee at public auctions in Batavia, Padang, Amsterdam, or Rotterdam.

  7. Max Havelaar; or The coffee auctions of the Dutch Trading Company; by Multaluli, (pseud.

  8. And such a friend as Mrs. Courtney would be for two young girls, was one of the benefits both Polly and Eleanor received by visiting country auctions of a higher class.

  9. At times, the best rugs may be bought at auctions and at the fairest prices.

  10. On either side of the space reserved for the auctions were large circular stone basins, divided into separate compartments by iron gratings.

  11. In the mornings the noisy buzzing of the auction sales resounded in his ears like a distant echo of bells; and sometimes, when there was a delay in the arrival of the fish, the auctions continued till very late.

  12. Attend no auctions if thou hast no money.

  13. Both catalogues are rendered additionally valuable by the citation of prices at which many of the works catalogued have been sold at book auctions in the present century.

  14. Public auctions have become so firmly established that it would be impossible for tanners to revert to the old system even if they desired it.

  15. I have not attended auctions as a buyer either of china or of coins save in one or two instances at the outset, and I have subsequently rejected these acquisitions as indiscreet.

  16. As nothing in the before-mentioned auctions seemed too low, so nothing here seemed to be too extravagant.

  17. With regard to the book-auctions held by the Elzeviers, you must consult that great authority, M.

  18. Estates must be settled, and auctions are a blessing in disguise.

  19. There were seventeen auctions last season, and all but two were attended by me or my representatives.

  20. Attending auctions may be an acquired taste, but it grows on one like any other habit, and whenever a new and tempting announcement calls, I rise to the occasion and hasten to the scene of action, be the weather what it may.

  21. I let her come to the auctions and told her not to bid.

  22. She was costing me my last nickel at these auctions and the better auctioneer I was the more money I lost, on account of her being so susceptible to my line of stuff.

  23. So far as can be traced, the earliest known book auctions took place in Holland.

  24. The prices at which books sell at these auctions are considered a pretty fair criterion of their future worth.

  25. Public auctions of books are held frequently in cities and towns.

  26. These auctions were most elaborate institutions involving brass bands, comfortable chairs, eloquent "spielers," and all the rest.

  27. These auctions were then, and remained for some years, one of the features of the place.

  28. To sit in the window before a gaping crowd painting those miserable daubs, a dozen or two a day, while he auctions them off.

  29. I saw Owens to-day, the fellow who auctions alleged oil paintings at a minimum of two dollars each.

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