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Example sentences for "autopilot"

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  1. At the ten-seconds-to-go announcement, Alan activated the autopilot and nudged the button that transformed his seat into a protective acceleration cradle.

  2. Now he inserted it into the receiving tray of the autopilot and tripped a lever.

  3. The autopilot could not be shut off, it rode along with the manual controls, tempering foolish piloting.

  4. This either knocked out the autopilot or shocked it into submission.

  5. Jason hauled the control wheel into a tight turn and the autopilot gentled it to a soft curve.

  6. I can't think that with the autopilot blasting out an 'on course'.

  7. Paresi nodded slightly as he saw the pilot's hand move, for he knew that the autopilot had done it, and that Johnny's movement was one of trained reflex.

  8. He was ready to fly, and the autopilot lights were already winking out in count-down.

  9. Groombridge 34 was the only possible destination the autopilot could take him to.

  10. I thought the guidance systems and the autopilot computers took care of all the astrogation corrections?

  11. Had it been transmitting then, the autopilot would simply have homed on it.

  12. The autopilot consulted its gyros, took some star sights, and asked the navigation computer some questions.

  13. The heading gyro in the autopilot is still drifting.

  14. Finally, satisfied with the ship's orientation, the autopilot rested.

  15. As soon as the air was thick enough for the control surfaces to bite, the autopilot steered into the safe corridor.

  16. The autopilot requested, and received, clearance to land at its preassigned base.

  17. The autopilot of RI 276 had no intention of letting this happen, of course.

  18. But if the autopilot had done its job well, the nearest fragment would be about ten miles away.

  19. Using the answers, the autopilot started to swing the ship about, using small compressed-gas jets for the purpose.

  20. He just watched things while the autopilot did all the work.

  21. Ken gripped a lever which cut in the autopilot to take them beyond atmosphere, beyond gravity.

  22. Carol hugged him until he relinquished control to the autopilot and gave her his undivided attention.

  23. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "autopilot" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.