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Example sentences for "bewailed"

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  1. Naturally the great protector’s death was much bewailed by the nation, and patriotic Englishmen mourned as if each of them had lost a near and dear friend.

  2. This comes of having grown-up daughters," bewailed poor Sir John.

  3. You may as well be millions of miles away, practically speaking," bewailed Mrs. Tinkle.

  4. It was about three hundred and fifty pounds a-year in all; and Mrs. Knox bewailed and bemoaned her hard fate at having to bring up her children upon so little.

  5. But when I found that you had forgotten your first love and were talking here of other persons, I bewailed the lot of that wife of yours, and exclaimed 'Ah!

  6. When my friend said this to me, I was reduced to a terrible state by grief, and after I had bewailed my lot, I went and told it to my parents, and I spent that time in hope of a re-union with my beloved.

  7. Then king Kamalakara, having found out the truth, thus bewailed his lot on that occasion, "Alas!

  8. And when he recovered consciousness, he bewailed his father and mother and his father's ministers, in company with his own ministers, who had lost their fathers.

  9. In these words he bewailed the fact that his hunger was only gradually satisfied, and the people laughed at him for his ignorance.

  10. And he sent her away for two months: and she departed, she and her companions, and bewailed her virginity upon the mountains.

  11. The plan succeeds; Uriah’s wife Bathsheba duly bewailed her spouse and then became the wife of her seducer.

  12. Nor would any of the Achaean women have bewailed him; so dread was the deed he contrived.

  13. And they bewailed the rigours of Time, saying, "Would Heaven we knew what hath befallen Kanmakan that he fled his native town, and chased himself from the place where his father used to fill all in hungry case and do justice and grace?

  14. In the mean time the elder, who doubtless repented of her jealous fury, became melancholy, and incessantly bewailed the death of her sister; she denied her self all manner of food, and so put an end to her deplorable days.

  15. In the mean time, his vanity being dispersed with his property, he bitterly bewailed his loss; and a lady of rank passing by upon a mule richly caparisoned, my brother's situation moved her compassion.

  16. The fisherman perceiving the genie to be resolute, was extremely grieved, not so much for himself, as on account of his three children; and bewailed the misery they must be reduced to by his death.

  17. They bewailed the death of Nouzhatoul-aouadat, who, on her part, was only impatient to hear how Abou Hassan succeeded.

  18. When the knowledge of this tragical event had spread through the palace and the city, all the people bewailed the misfortune of the princess, the Lady of Beauty, and commiserated the sultan's affliction.

  19. The merchant, with tears, protested he was innocent, bewailed his wife and children, and supplicated the genie, in the most moving expressions.

  20. She bewailed Ganem as if she had seen him die, and had herself closed his eyes: never mother expressed greater sorrow; and so far was she from seeking any comfort, that she delighted in indulging her grief.

  21. When Noor ad Deen, half dead with the strokes, came to himself, and found what a dismal dungeon he was in, he bewailed his misfortunes in the most pathetic manner.

  22. Albeit, I knew full well how stubborn a spirit was Aunt Jacoba's, I nevertheless strove to move her to send a letter to her son bidding him home; yet she would not, though she bewailed herself sorely.

  23. The sons of Noah buried him, and bewailed him forty days.

  24. According to the same authority, Adam and Eve bewailed Abel twenty-eight years.

  25. Adam and Eve bewailed Abel a hundred years with the greatest grief.

  26. And the old man bitterly bewailed the doomed continent.

  27. I bewailed this change in his behaviour both for my own and the public account, but much more for his sake.

  28. Laigues bewailed my conduct, which he said had raised the compassion of all my friends, although it had been their ruin.

  29. Atys, who was bewailed with despairing grief, amid rending of the hair and beating of the breast.

  30. At last he bewailed his sins, took up the knotted whip, and beat himself on the back till the blood ran down.

  31. Then, as Plutarch says, "the Egyptians bewailed the decay of the fruits, and prayed the gods to send new in the place of those that were gone, and allow them to spring forth again.

  32. And yet, in spite of this, she pined for him, and bewailed her own vile condition.

  33. While uttering these words they fell upon the ground and bewailed their lot.

  34. At that the Carthaginians were dissolved in tears, acknowledged that they were trapped, and bewailed their fate, begging the consuls not to compel them to act as the assassins of their country.

  35. Horace had already bewailed that "the age of our fathers, worse than that of our grandsires, has produced us who are yet baser, and who are doomed to give birth to a still more degraded offspring.

  36. He delivered to the aunt the letters he carried from his friend, and bewailed their evil case.

  37. He bewailed his evil lot, with tears; for grief he came nigh to swoon; a hundred times he implored the Maiden that she would deign to speak with her knight.

  38. She bewailed his evil lot, with many shrill cries, and flung the useless flacket far away.

  39. His wife and two daughters, pious Christians, silently bewailed his misconduct; and as for myself, I had barely sufficient acquaintance with him to render justifiable my calling upon him in any urgent need.

  40. He bewailed the blindness in which he had lived!

  41. He flew on until he reached the thickest part of the wood, and there, perched upon a cypress tree, he bewailed his miserable fate.

  42. As soon as night came again she once more leaned out into the darkness and bewailed her miserable lot.

  43. Unluckily, however, the stormy weather had torn the boat from its fastenings; and it foundered before the eyes of its luckless owners, who bitterly bewailed their hard fate as they saw their craft disappear.

  44. Bitterly he bewailed the fate that had put him at the mercy of a lot of quarrelsome Frenchmen.

  45. Ostentation and the abuse of worldly possessions and Church revenues which Alvarez Pelayo, the Spanish Franciscan, had already bewailed in his “De planctu ecclesiæ” had risen to still greater heights at Rome.

  46. This abuse, however, had already been reproved and bewailed by the Church before Luther’s time; there is no dearth of statements by the very highest authorities urging a remedy, though it is true more should have been done.

  47. Because she knew it and bewailed it, it had come like a staggering blow to learn that Rash knew it, and perhaps bewailed it too.

  48. The monarch bewailed his minister, his tutor, his friend, but so astounding a revelation dried his tears.

  49. The Queen began to weep, and, sobbing, bewailed her destiny.

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