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Example sentences for "blandishments"

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blancs; bland; blanda; blandest; blandishment; blandly; blandness; blando; blank; blanka
  1. Despite all the honors and blandishments of her position, the old feeling of desolateness came upon her.

  2. Here leap dismay and terror; round these haunts Be blandishments of joys; and therefore here The intellect, the mind.

  3. Hold it for certain, that, if blandishments and supplications did not suffice, he would, whatever thou mightest think of it, have recourse to force.

  4. The gay ladies made secret love to him, and he on his part secretly repelled them, but finding himself hard pressed by their blandishments he lifted up his voice and exclaimed, "Fugite, partes adversae!

  5. This revolution is sometimes occasioned by the passion of love; but not invariably, because love in its innocent simplicity yields to the sophistries and treacherous blandishments of its brother mysticism.

  6. But absence dims his ideal and the blandishments of a beautiful countess drive the image of Rachel for a time from his thoughts.

  7. Quite suddenly the gorilla blandishments of Captain Magnus came to an end.

  8. One soul redeemed will do more to lift the burden of sorrow than all the blandishments and diversions of art, all the alleviations of luxury, all the sympathy of friends.

  9. I'm tired of everything and everybody, from a moonlight picnic at Seepee to the blandishments of The Mussuck.

  10. Roused and insulted as I am, not all her blandishments can dazzle, divert, or melt me!

  11. Nor are they wiles, nor woman's lures, nor blandishments of tricksey dimples, nor captivating smiles, with which she forms her adamantine fetters.

  12. In this way I fostered a conviction in her that she was a higher being, and the consequence was that she treated me with flattery and blandishments as if I were a spoilt child.

  13. After half-an-hour of flattery and blandishments she grew calmer, but she was not really herself until she had reduced me to tears of despair.

  14. All our blandishments were of no avail with the heartless insect.

  15. Neither offers of money nor blandishments had the desired effect, and I was obliged to leave the longed-for object behind me.

  16. Nor would he be more explicit, and there was evidently some mystery, and he was becoming blindly indulgent and besotted by the blandishments of an artful woman.

  17. But at the porch she found a man-at-arms who turned a deaf ear to all the blandishments of the wash-tub.

  18. At last he ventured to import into his blandishments a strain of adoration that was almost avowedly romantic.

  19. Such tributes were delightful, but they remained in the nebulous region of words, and Disraeli had determined to give his blandishments a more significant solidity.

  20. He said that the poor lady became desperately enamored of his beauty and day by day assailed his continence, but that he was as deaf to her amorous entreaties as Adonis to the dear blandishments of Venus Pandemos.

  21. That the Lord expects little even of the best of men when subjected to beauty's blandishments is proven by his partiality to various princes and patriarchs who, in matters of gallantry, may be regarded as pace-setters.

  22. I will accept none of these as alleviations, sir; her blandishments cannot blind the Court.

  23. Pleasure courted him in a thousand varying forms, but he beheld her most seducing blandishments with disgust and stoical indifference.

  24. Strong were his hopes a rival to remove, With blandishments to gain the public love; To head the faction while their zeal was hot, And popularly prosecute the plot.

  25. The humor of primitive people is not a delicate thing, and that the blandishments of Säh-pah had been of no use--as was witness the blanket!

  26. Some of these afterwards from time to time visited him, and greatly enjoyed the blandishments of Virginian society.

  27. Yet she did not neglect the cultivation of social happiness--only she knew where to draw the line between light and darkness--how to enter into and enjoy the blandishments of society without lapsing into worldliness of spirit.

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