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Example sentences for "blustery"

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bluster; blustered; blustering; blusterous; blusters; blustring; blynd; blynde; blys; blysse
  1. A Blustery Day, and the Straits of Gibraltar.

  2. We are getting into the Straits of Gibraltar--a nice blustery day, the black tramps coming out of the Mediterranean bury their noses deep in foam, and roll up and show all the beauty of steamers' lines!

  3. If the evening turned cold or blustery or brought a driving rain she would say: "You can't go out in this.

  4. He came into her place with a show of confidence, a kind of blustery bonhomie.

  5. Here it was so bleak and blustery that I couldn't help imagining that they were as dismal as I.

  6. It would shift precariously in a stiff wind, and a blustery day brought visions of it cartwheeling tumbleweed-style, across a street.

  7. To brighten the blustery evening, Norm had invited me to share a pizza with him at his house.

  8. It was a blustery winter evening when Norm and his friend were preparing to depart for his house.

  9. It seemed to them so vivid had been his story, that instead of being on a ship in the mid-Pacific in the midst of a blustery rainstorm that they were in far-off Russia, and as the tale ended they could see a picture before their eyes.

  10. The evening came on dark and blustery and with a steady beating rain from the northwest.

  11. Then, about a week after their arrival, there came a cold, blustery day when it was not nice to be out.

  12. After dinner the children played games in the house, as it blew up cold and blustery and was not nice to go out in the snow.

  13. Most people believed he could not be led to go near it, and yet on this blustery night he and Tom Hansell were seated in the structure without any companions except the well known hound Nero, and were smoking their pipes and plotting mischief.

  14. One blustery March morning when Mrs. M'Bean was on her way along by the low sea-wall to buy a bit of bacon at Donnelly's shop in Kilclone, the east wind did her the shrewd turn of whisking off her hat and dropping it into the water.

  15. The storm, however, seemed to have broken up the fair weather, and the days that followed it were blustery and rainy.

  16. The blustery afternoon settled into a calm as the sun went down, and a change came with the night.

  17. It was a hot though a blustery afternoon, and the sea, in sight through the open door, sounded the deeper notes of its endless opera.

  18. The bleak, blustery autumn day was drawing to a close, when the boys arose to their feet, uncertain what was the best to do in the extraordinary situation.

  19. It was now the middle of the afternoon of the blustery autumn day which saw the approach of Ned Preston, Blossom Brown and the Shawanoe, Deerfoot, to the vicinity of the block-house.

  20. A fine, calm day, though cold, had succeeded the blustery one.

  21. It was such a cold blustery night, with the wind seeming to increase in violence rather than diminish, that all were glad when they reached their houses.

  22. For, as I said at the beginning, before I was led off into this digression, it was a blustery Saturday in March.

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