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bonos; bons; bont; bonum; bonus; bony; bonys; bonze; bonzes; booath
  1. Duc d'Orleans upon some subject, I forget now what.

  2. I saw a man with hanging head, a purple-red complexion, and a heavy stupid air.

  3. We found the Regent dressing in the vault he used as his wardrobe.

  4. Payment of extraordinary salaries and in some instances bonuses to executives of corporations have been found by the commission during its investigations.

  5. In order that artisans and agriculturists may be kept in good humor with the war, they are bribed with bonuses and allowed to buy food at prices which are partially paid by the rest of the community.

  6. Bonuses added Date | Sum | | subsequently, to be of | Insured.

  7. Banks had made huge bets and bonuses with other people's money.

  8. But if these firms can afford to hand out big bonuses again, they can afford a modest fee to pay back the taxpayers who rescued them in their time of need.

  9. The bonuses of which I had told my mother had been distributed, but my share was fifty francs less than those my fellow-clerks received--a warning that I must behave myself better.

  10. Examples of Bonuses added to other Policies.

  11. All have paid out, or are now in the process of paying out, performance bonuses earned by outstanding members of the Senior Executive Service.

  12. Performance bonuses for members of the Senior Executive Service will surely receive scrutiny.

  13. Just after my return to Washington, I saw an I.

  14. The Air Force is running around in circles," he told me.

  15. But all through our talk, I had a strong feeling that he was on his guard.

  16. It was an interview with Major Jerry Boggs, a Project "Saucer" Intelligence officer who served as liaison man between Wright Field and the Pentagon.

  17. Formerly secret Project "Saucer" files would be opened to newsmen at the Pentagon, giving the answers to all the saucer reports.

  18. The price system includes bonuses for quality; these bonuses are payable only after a specified portion of the contracted quantity has been delivered and vary in relation to the total volume of product delivered.

  19. Special bonuses are offered to economic trusts and their branches that fulfill or surpass their export assignments to noncommunist markets.

  20. These measures have not proved sufficiently effective, and some enterprises have been reported to earn bonuses by the simple expedient of overstating their requirements in the formulation of the annual economic plans.

  21. The intent of the bonuses is to stimulate product improvement without encouraging production beyond the planned limits.

  22. In several Provinces inspection has been accompanied by a system of bonuses to producers, but in this respect Tasmania has taken no action.

  23. Substantial bonuses were, however, offered some fourteen years ago to manufacturers of considerable quantities of sugar, sacking, and woollen goods, but of these the last alone has been claimed.

  24. He told them about the plans under consideration for bonuses and pensions--all in strict confidence--and made it plain to them that it would be a great thing for a man to be able to say that he worked for the Tecumseh Motor Company.

  25. Some eighteen or twenty years ago Lord Rayleigh decided to offer all his farm labourers, who number about 250, bonuses on the profits of their industry.

  26. So satisfied are the men themselves that many have asked to be allowed to invest their share of the interest earned and their new bonuses in the estate.

  27. He said there would be promotions and bonuses for those who show promise," she recalled.

  28. Gives you something to aim for; there are promotions, you know, and extra bonuses for those who show promise.

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