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Example sentences for "boudoirs"

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  1. Louis XV, too, built, or furnished, discreet boudoirs of this order on every hand.

  2. It was, in short, in the daintiest of boudoirs that Esther Woodville and her new friend drank tea out of exquisite Japanese cups.

  3. Amidst all his insouciance and folly in the drawing-room of the Duchess of Portsmouth, and the boudoirs of the Duchess of Cleveland, it was steadily pursued by Charles II.

  4. The varnish they made, called "vernis Martin," gave its name to the furniture decorated by them, which was well suited to the dainty boudoirs of the day.

  5. Sometimes one sees bedrooms and small boudoirs where the walls and curtains show the same design, but it must be done with skill, or disaster is sure to follow.

  6. The arrangement of this oratory, to which the manners of that period gave a role in private life like that of the boudoirs of our day, can still be traced.

  7. The doors of boudoirs and senate-chambers open quickly, and close after them,--excluding the talentless and staring rabble.

  8. Oh, no, trot back to your boudoirs and purr your prettiest, but stop trying to tackle real men.

  9. Her lofty, and restless, and soaring spirit pined for a sphere of action, and ballrooms and boudoirs met it on every side.

  10. These bookcases with drawers and desk, as well as the bureaus, were used in bedrooms which were often boudoirs and studies as well.

  11. Even mantelpieces were made of it, to match the furniture, and there was a fancy to have the drawing-rooms and boudoirs very light and elegant.

  12. It was dedicated to Lady Moira, through whose influence it found its way into the most fashionable boudoirs of Dublin.

  13. The author revels in descriptions of luxurious boudoirs in which recline voluptuous blondes or exquisite brunettes, with hearts always at the disposal of the all-conquering Philip Slingsby.

  14. Whatever he fled from, adventure was what he was looking for--not only the adventures which belong to the exploration of barbarous countries, but also those which are to be encountered in the boudoirs of garrison towns.

  15. His success in the Southwell drawing-rooms and boudoirs was the first reward of his success in resisting and repelling the encroachments of the flesh.

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