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Example sentences for "bouncers"

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boum; bouman; boun; bounce; bounced; bounces; bouncing; bound; boundaries; boundary
  1. The constantly augmented group of bartenders and bouncers hesitated for a moment at the determined tones of authority, and Alex finished his reloading.

  2. The shots brought the reserve force of bartenders and bouncers from other parts of the building, some pulling out their long-barreled revolvers as they ran to their chief's assistance.

  3. I would have fallen clean over, but the bouncers were still tight on my elbows.

  4. I felt one of the bouncers go for his sap.

  5. Illustration: A Couple of Bouncers Took Pa by the Elbow and Fired Him Out.

  6. A couple of bouncers took Pa by the elbows and fired him out, and the crowd laughed at pa, and told him to go and buy a ticket like a man, and Pa told the bouncers he would discharge them on the spot.

  7. But, as ill--luck would have it, the two Bouncers were beforehand with me.

  8. The Bouncers were more delighted still; they dropped their knives and forks with a crash, and burst out together vehemently, "O!

  9. The Diamond laid such a hold on ME that I burst out with as large an "O" as the Bouncers themselves.

  10. She had left the Bouncers singing a duet--words beginning with a large "O," and music to correspond.

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