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Example sentences for "bounced"

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  1. As they reached the front shop a fiery-faced old gentleman bounced in at the street door, stumbling over an umbrella that stood in a dark corner, and kicking it three yards away.

  2. I bounced down the stairs half a flight at a time.

  3. And Mr. Woollett bounced into the street again.

  4. We bumped the ground once more and bounced into the air.

  5. It hit and bounced again and rolled to a very short stop for a down-wind landing.

  6. The ship groaned and bounced as high as a hangar.

  7. I bounced wildly, used all the field, but made it all right.

  8. Our jenny hit the ground wheels first and bounced dangerously.

  9. He leaped from his horse at the door of the inn and bounced into the place, pistol in hand.

  10. I know hardly how to say that two eyes, a vision of lips, a conception of a figure, should properly move me as I bounced along the road with Jem Bottles.

  11. Lord Strepp, grim and unceremonious, bounced him over again upon his back.

  12. Have ye been rejooced to the ranks, or has Gawd bounced ye?

  13. She bounced from her chair and ballooned to the door with a silent, swift agility most surprising to see in a lady of her generous build, and not a sound did she utter.

  14. It was my first solo flight, and I was full of pride as the car bounced over the rocks.

  15. I tried to concentrate on the print that swam and bounced before my eyes.

  16. Her laugh was of a size to match her body; it boomed and bounced through the room until the pictures on the walls quivered.

  17. Then the audience would yell with delight as the ball bounced to an upright position again.

  18. They dropped the human football in so heavily that it bounced out again and hit the ground.

  19. The shell reached its target; it hit the animal, but not in the usual fashion--it bounced off that rounded surface and vanished into the sea two miles out.

  20. Was it unintentionally that your shells bounced off my ship's hull?

  21. Almost anybody would have run, too, I guess, after falling down in a balloon, and being bounced out that way.

  22. Faster and faster fell the balloon, until, at last it gave such a bump down on the ground that Squinty was bounced right over the side of the basket.

  23. A long-eared jack rabbit bounced from his bed in front of Peg and fled swiftly for a hundred yards, then halted to look back as he discovered that he was not pursued.

  24. Peg turned toward him again and the jack bounced away toward the ridge, stopping again as Peg swung away.

  25. He struggled to his feet and stood swaying while Shady bounced around him with joyous yelps.

  26. Louise did as she was told, but bounced about in an independent way, threw off her cloak and bonnet, and putting her hands on her hips stared at me again.

  27. We resumed our meetings, and again she was cautious, but no longer bounced me.

  28. You are a wicked wretch, to talk like that before a strange young man," said Martha and bounced out of the cottage.

  29. No sooner had my tongue touched her clitoris, than the lips closed round my mouth, and as my saliva worked up on to the cunt-hair by her movement, it wetted my nose and face, she heaved and bounced her arse so much.

  30. Now, of a sudden, a familiar figure bounced on to the dais.

  31. So Billy Corliss had come and bounced at the door, and said he wanted a minister, and quite right he was with respect to those circumstances and Madge McCulloch, as Stevey Todd hinted, though cautiously.

  32. Some one bounced into the room like a storm.

  33. Henry, and bounced up-stairs, leaving Miss Fosbrook quite confounded at such an outbreak of naughtiness.

  34. I was the first who received permission to go, whereat I bounced on to my one foot and two crutches, picked up my blanket, and charged down the hill.

  35. The lamentable chorus, the cry of agony, the endless groan," as we bounced and jolted over corduroy road and river bed, was an ill thing to hear.

  36. Chuba kept rattling on, but his words just bounced off Biff's ears.

  37. Uncle Charlie had bounced around the world quite a bit.

  38. As we bounced away toward the barracks, I asked him what had happened and "Are you satisfied now?

  39. I closed the doors and the car bounced away over the cobblestones.

  40. And with these bitter words, Alfred snatched a candle and bounced to bed in a fury.

  41. Unhurt, even unbewildered by his dizzy plunge, he had bounced aside with a motion too swift for his enemies' eyes to follow, and placed a tree-trunk between himself and peril.

  42. Little by little he dragged his grunting rival out along the sand-spit, till the two cows, almost crowded off, bounced past with indignant snorts and vanished down the shore.

  43. Again the Major bounced up from his chair.

  44. Surely the French--" The Major bounced up from his chair, napkin in hand.

  45. It did seem as if he would drop before he got me back to the hotel, and I bounced out in no time, and then I walked in front of him and turned around and looked at him.

  46. With a yell of horror, and with a face whiter than the linen I was wrapped in, that young man bounced from the bench, dashed past the house, made one clean jump over the hedge into the road, and disappeared.

  47. Leaving Mr. Perkins to digest his judgement, which he had solicited, Andrew bounced back into the shop.

  48. Mr. Andrew bounced back two or three steps to regard the dusky sombrero.

  49. Maurice had jumped down out of his tree as soon as the shots told that there was no further danger of his being hit by any stray leaden pellet; and seizing upon the handy ax he bounced across the glade toward the scene of hostilities.

  50. I reckon they hit it up so fast after him he couldn't reach his own tree, so he bounced up the nearest one.

  51. The aliens formed a ring around us, and each time a bouncing boy hit the line, he only bounced back on top of us.

  52. It bounced back tangily and made a bitter rip between the two of us.

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