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  1. The villages were of rare occurrence, but when seen presented road-ways as broad as the boulevards of great cities, yet only lined by low, turf-roofed cabins.

  2. A grand city of palaces and spacious boulevards lies spread out before the spectator.

  3. He is obliged to point out that they over-dress and stride along the Boulevards like dismounted dragoons.

  4. Cavaignac entrusted the command on the right bank and the boulevards to Lamoricière, on the left bank to Daumesuil, and around the Hôtel de Ville to Bedeau.

  5. Its streets are narrow and irregular, but the town is surrounded by wide boulevards lined with trees.

  6. Bucharest is often called "The Paris of the East," partly from a supposed social resemblance, partly from the number of its boulevards and avenues.

  7. The inner town is surrounded by the Innere Ring-Strasse, a circle of wide boulevards on the site of the old wall.

  8. The municipal park system is one of unusual beauty, consisting of a chain of parks with a total area of about 1030 acres, encircling the city and connected by boulevards and driveways.

  9. Outside the boulevards lie the modern quarters, also the fine promenade planted with plane trees which stretches to the Corrèze and contains the chief restaurants and the theatre.

  10. None of the chain of boulevards around the centre of the town, not even the boulevard of St. Michael, which became the great thoroughfare for artists, were in existence in their present condition.

  11. The greatest blagueur on the Boulevards never dared to hint at a weakness or a concession on the part of the Princess Napraxine.

  12. These good people called themselves Christians; nevertheless, such generosity would have seemed to them as impossible as to go out on to the boulevards in the goatskin of John the Baptist.

  13. I have been dancing on the boulevards all day with Mouton, who is hungry, too, poor fellow, for he only ate a small bit of bread which a good little gentleman gave him this morning.

  14. Twenty-two new boulevards and avenues were created.

  15. The vogue of the brilliant and gay inner boulevards of the north bank so familiar to the foreigner in Paris is of comparatively recent growth.

  16. Beyond this historic area are the outer boulevards which mark the octroi wall of Louis XVI.

  17. Footnote 12: There is no city in Europe where there are more of these sort of people to be seen than at Paris, on the boulevards and different carrefours.

  18. On the boulevards or at a race-course, he was the one person always known by sight and pointed out.

  19. Wide boulevards bordered with palm and eucalyptus spread their sunny lines in all directions, being baptized Promenade des Anglais or Boulevard Victoria, in artful flattery.

  20. Coutances is a quiet town with winding streets and pleasant boulevards bordering it on the east; on the western slope of the hill there is a public garden.

  21. A striking point about the inner town is that it forms a large rectangle, enclosed by four wide boulevards or "walls.

  22. The performance of the latter was thus described in the columns of a Paris journal: "The steam carriage brought to perfection in England by Colonel Maceroni, ran along the Boulevards as far as the Rue Faubourg du Temple.

  23. It turned with the greatest facility, ran the whole length of the Boulevards back again, and along the Rue Royale, to the Place Louis XV.

  24. At first the placard was confined to the shop-windows and stalls upon the Boulevards in Paris; afterwards it spread all over France, till it was supplanted to some extent by a return to advertisements in the newspapers.

  25. All the dramatic authors of the Boulevards are in his clutches, and have a standing account with him as if he were a banker.

  26. He walked home along the Boulevards trying to think over his position.

  27. When Vancouver planned such opulent boulevards as Granville and Georgia streets, it must have been thinking hard about posterity, which will want a lot of space if only to drive its superabundant motors.

  28. In splendid boulevards such as Main, and Portage, which turns from it, there are stores worthy of New York and London in size, smartness and glowing attraction.

  29. The destruction done by the street fighting and the desolation which prevails in the principal Boulevards and other leading thoroughfares exceed all I could have imagined from a more distant view.

  30. The aspect of the Boulevards is the strangest sight imaginable.

  31. As they passed through the crowd lining each side of the Boulevards they were met with cries of "A mort, crapule, fusillez-les!

  32. With an English friend I this morning made my way along the line of Boulevards running east of the Madeleine.

  33. The boulevards and towers on the north were armed with bombards.

  34. The duke therefore raised several boulevards to replace the walls and receive artillery.

  35. The place was not in a good state of defence; the braies were much dilapidated, the earthen boulevards crumbling away, while the ditches wanted clearing out.

  36. Boulevards were of all forms--square, circular, and triangular (see p.

  37. These boulevards were earthworks, and their interior surface was four yards below the level of the plateau.

  38. Considered merely as a range of streets, the Boulevards are hardly rivalled by any other part of Paris.

  39. The crowds by whom so many parts of these Boulevards are frequented chiefly give to the scene its singular liveliness and brilliancy.

  40. The northern Boulevards are twelve in number, the southern seven.

  41. It is distinguished from the inner Boulevards by the name of the Boulevards Extérieurs.

  42. On the north side of the river, the Boulevards follow a line nearly midway, on an average, between the river and the wall.

  43. From the direction of the boulevards came the subdued murmur of voices, that intense mumble that speaks of popular excitement.

  44. The new town of Corbo with its palatial hotels and wide boulevards was a whited sepulchre, behind which the sores of the true San Pietro festered in hiding.

  45. Talk about crossing--it's on these boulevards we want a life-preserver!

  46. She understood he was leaving Paris yesterday, but someone told her that he had been seen driving in his auto on the grand boulevards this morning.

  47. I returned along the boulevards to my hotel in excellent spirits.

  48. I could not find anyone, so I went on to the boulevards to try and meet some acquaintance or other there.

  49. Cuthbert remained here for an hour or two, and then making a detour came out on the Boulevards higher up.

  50. The insurgent batteries are shelling the Boulevards hotly, and, worst of all, you are liable to be shot from the upper windows and cellars.

  51. After dinner, potter on the Boulevards under the dispiriting gloom of petroleum; go home and read a book.

  52. Yesterday evening, notwithstanding the cold, there were groups on the Boulevards shouting "à bas Trochu.

  53. On the Boulevards there are crowds who question any soldier who is seen passing.

  54. Anything more dreary than the Boulevards now in the evening it is difficult to imagine.

  55. Yesterday evening on the Boulevards there were groups discussing "the traitors.

  56. The Boulevards immediately were crowded; here a person announcing that he had a despatch from the front, here another vowing he had been there himself.

  57. Yesterday evening there were a series of open-air clubs held on the Boulevards and other public places.

  58. The Boulevards almost impassable; the streets before the Mairies absolutely impassable; no official confirmation of the victory.

  59. I was watching the crowd on the Boulevards this afternoon.

  60. The Boulevards were crowded, and everyone seemed as much astonished as if they had never believed this double disaster to be possible.

  61. On the outer Boulevards lines of huts have been built for the Mobiles, and similar huts are being erected along the Rue des Remparts for the Nationaux on duty.

  62. The Boulevards and the Rues de Rivoli and De la Paix are really the only places where one is tolerably secure from the splashing of coach and scavenger.

  63. From the Portes St Denis and St Martin, the boulevards lose their metropolitan aspect.

  64. At 12 o'clock the Boulevards were swept by troops, artillery was brought up, and wherever groups of people were seen they were fired upon.

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