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Example sentences for "bounces"

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bouman; boun; bounce; bounced; bouncers; bouncing; bound; boundaries; boundary; bounde
  1. Alex bounces outa his chair and shakes his finger under Jared's nose.

  2. Alex bounces outa his chair and gimme the laugh.

  3. The brigantine Bounces impatient at the long delay, Curvets and jumps, a cable's length from shore.

  4. The lead of the roof is scorching, he ricochets, gets to the edge, bounces over and disappears.

  5. It bounces on the air a little, and rocking gently sinks like thistle-down behind the woods.

  6. At the seaside they give you as an objective point a raft, anchored at what seems only a little distance from where it gets deep enough to swim in, but which turns out to be a mighty far ways when the water bounces so.

  7. A couple of big huskies makes a dash for the Kid, and I figured I might as well get in the thing now as later, so I tripped one as he was goin' past and the Kid bounces the other with a short left.

  8. The Kid grunts in disgust, lets go and Tony bounces back on the lawn.

  9. Iktin kaáyug linakwan ang tagabúkid, The mountaineer bounces up and down when he walks.

  10. Tagabúkid nga mag-uknul-uknul nga maglakaw, A mountaineer that bounces up and down as he walks.

  11. Mukíug ang sakyanan ig-ági sa daghang libaung, A vehicle that passes over a bad road bounces a lot.

  12. Everything you say to me bounces back and sticks to you.

  13. A; c] in basketball, knock the ball into the basket after it bounces from the ring or board.

  14. He throws his basket down to climb the tree And wonders what the red blotched eggs can be: The green woodpecker bounces from the view And hollos as he buzzes bye "kew kew.

  15. The turkey gobbles loud and drops his rag And struts and sprunts his tail and then lets drag His wing on ground and makes a huzzing noise, Nauntles at passer-bye and drives the boys And bounces up and flies at passer-bye.

  16. In the meantime the strong medicine boils, and bounces about in a brazen kettle set on the fire.

  17. Clarke gives this comical translation: ‘Then part of them bounces about in hollow kettles; part hisses upon spits; the parlor runs down with gore.

  18. With that she bounces down off the tall chair, shoves the substitute into her place, and goes streamin' out bare-headed.

  19. The semiquaver triplet should be executed with three smart bounces with the up-bow; then the bow should be controlled, and lightly drawn for the two tied quavers.

  20. To produce the sforzando note with the up stroke, the bow should be lifted and thrown on the string with force, care being taken to do this close to the point, or instead of a sforzando note, a series of bounces will result.

  21. And a cynical-looking youth bounces out and picks them up.

  22. His brisk little figure in its pressed pants, spats and fedora, bounces around amid the apoplectic disturbances like some busybody Alice in an operatic Wonderland.

  23. Instead he picks on the conductor, and as the car bounces gayly through the dark, cavernous streets the mild-faced conductor lends himself to a conversation.

  24. If a return ball hits a player on the server's side and bounces into the opponents' court, it is considered no play.

  25. As she bounces the ball, she calls "Thursday.

  26. He bounces still, as to break down the door.

  27. Don Octavio+ steps to the door where they went out, and +Don Henrique+ bounces at the door they came in at.

  28. Ellis see the way the land lay, and he bounces up to protest.

  29. Every child who bounces a ball makes use of this law, but he uses it unconsciously.

  30. Six times during the afternoon he bounces into my quarters and shakes hands, and six times shakes hands and bounces out again.

  31. If you throw a ball down at a slant, it bounces up at the same slant in the opposite direction; if light strikes a smooth surface at a slant, it reflects at the same slant in the opposite direction.

  32. And he bounces on and on forever without stopping.

  33. A ball bounces up when you throw it down.

  34. But if you are close to the walls, as in an empty room, the sound reverberates; it bounces back and forth from one wall to the other so rapidly that no distinct echo is heard, and there is merely a confusion of sound.

  35. In other words, when light strikes against something it bounces away, just as a rubber ball bounces from a smooth surface.

  36. The air from all sides rushes into the vacuum and collides there; then it bounces back.

  37. The ball bounces from one boy to the other, but it does not return to the one who threw it.

  38. It takes time for the vibration which we start to reach the wall or cliff that bounces it back, and it takes as much more time for the returning vibration to reach our ears.

  39. In the same way, the light bounces (reflects) from one boy to the other.

  40. If you make a tree elastic when a man is chopping it down, his ax bounces back from the tree with such force as nearly to knock him over, and no amount of chopping makes so much as a lasting dent in the tree.

  41. So you have plenty of time to finish your shout before the sound bounces back again.

  42. This again leaves a partial vacuum; so the air rushes in once more, coming from all sides at once, and again bounces back.

  43. If he stumbles and falls to the ground, he bounces back up into the air without a scar.

  44. Rus" gets sopping wet and all grass-stained and dog-tired but he keeps me throwing that football in all sorts of zig-zag bounces across the lawn till it's so dark that the street lights come on.

  45. He takes a running dive across the wet lawn, skids right under Mr. Tincup's nose, curls himself around the pigskin, bounces up on his feet and keeps on going till he comes to the fence which he hurdles.

  46. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bounces" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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