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Example sentences for "breakages"

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  1. It is to him a substitute for metal, rope, and twine, and with it breakages of the most extensive and apparently hopeless character can be effectually repaired.

  2. A table showing the list of breakages will follow this description.

  3. On the 28th, at noon, the breakages being all repaired, the large engine was again attached to the pumps, the water then being nine feet and eight inches above grade.

  4. All breakages in that case are at the expense of government, with the possible exception of the courier's bones and head.

  5. A Russian yemshick (driver) is quite skillful in repairing breakages if he can find enough rope for his purpose.

  6. It is wise to buy from stock which can be duplicated if breakages occur, so that the equipment may be kept uniform.

  7. If breakages occur through carelessness, the utensils should be replaced at the expense of the offender.

  8. The advantage of this is that, when the wine develops an excess of effervescence, any undue proportion of breakages can be checked by removing the bottles to a lower cellar, and consequently into a lower temperature.

  9. It is he who has to pay all scores, run up by whomsoever; on him must all breakages and charges fall; and the twelve hundred on the Tenth of August are not rebel traitors, but victims and martyrs: such is the law of quarrel.

  10. Stoppages occur; and breakages to be repaired at Etoges.

  11. These motions are very simple when taken separately, but when performed together by two different men, experience and quickness in both are required to carry on the work rapidly and harmoniously, without breakages or delays.

  12. With this machine there is no injurious jerking of the cable, and consequently very little breakages or delays, and heavy loads of 15 cu.

  13. In ordinary work, breakages of the boring rod generally take place in the iron, and more particularly at the part screwed, as that is the weakest part.

  14. It is also possible to fuse the aluminium round the platinum, but as I have had several breakages of such joints, I prefer the mechanical connection described.

  15. The castings may be removed from the mould by slightly heating the latter, but many breakages result.

  16. The girls watch the thread for breakages just as at the other machines.

  17. The sewing and stooping are monotonous, and the work on bonus here is apt to cause nervousness, because of uncertainty occasioned by frequent breakages in the machines.

  18. Certainly the decrease in the breakages seems to date exactly from the beginning of the use of the rubber ball.

  19. He declared, in fact, that what he paid for breakages amounted to a sum sufficient to buy two or three aeroplanes, all brand new.

  20. And for all these breakages bills were sent in to him--long, formidable bills, very carefully totalled, and with each mishap represented upon them by so many hundreds of francs.

  21. Queen Sophie has fallen silent in the History Books; both the Majesties may look remorsefully, but perhaps best in silence, over the breakages and wrecks this Kaiser has brought upon them.

  22. This too had to be allowed, this item for the Election breakages in Poland.

  23. There are varieties of mishaps, breakages in the Sissoi, and in the torpedo-boats Grosny and Gromky.

  24. The Buistry is damaged; there are breakages in the Sissoi: in the Jemchug the davits broke and a cutter sank.

  25. At every step there are breakages and damages.

  26. There are several breakages and defects in this boat.

  27. Then again in the matter of breakages he was as virtuous a kitten as ever lived.

  28. I should be sorry to say what King Arthur cost me in hard cash for breakages and legs of mutton.

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