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Example sentences for "bruising"

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bruise; bruised; bruiser; bruisers; bruises; bruit; bruite; bruited; bruits; bruk
  1. He was startled by sudden pain as the hand leading him tightened its grip to bone-bruising force.

  2. There was little light in this section of the cone building, and he was brought up with bruising force against a blank wall two floors below where he had so unceremoniously entered.

  3. By a sudden shock I released my hand, but not without bruising it very much, and tearing away the skin.

  4. The brake saves that; and it also saves the animal's neck from that bruising and chafing incident to the dead strain that was required when dragging the locked wheel.

  5. Punch the holes large enough, so that the nails will not bind in the shoe, nor require unnecessary hammering or bruising of the foot to get them up to their proper place.

  6. Much, however, might be done by care in packing, to prevent injury to the withers and bruising of the back-bone.

  7. Once on a steep pass she had fallen, bruising her delicate feet and cutting her face.

  8. Many a time he stumbled over the stones that obstructed his road, often bruising his hands and knees, sometimes falling all his length, but always desperately aware how perilous and uncertain was this search in the impenetrable night.

  9. III-10] Pliny relates that one of the ancient families of Rome took the surname of Piso, having descended, as they believed, from the inventor of the art of bruising wheat with pestles.

  10. Him who afterwards foretold of the bruising of the Virgin's Son in the written Word; yea, of Him "who telleth the number of the stars and giveth them all their names.

  11. No more sorrow, suffering, or conflict; no more the bruising of the heel of the Redeemer.

  12. Camargo, without bruising a petal of the hot-house flower that was her artistic inheritance, first freed it from a fungus of affectation that others had mistaken for the bloom of daintiness.

  13. Stiffening in the fore-part of the shoe protects the toes against bruising in the descent from leaps.

  14. Afterward he stood thus for an appreciable silence, with ravenous eyes, motionless save that behind his back his fingers were bruising one another.

  15. Dame Isabeau squealed on a sudden; "you are bruising me.

  16. Take the nail out again by a straight pull to avoid bruising the sides, and if the nail has been properly shaped, a clean hole with sharp edges will be the result.

  17. Hot water is still more effective, while, if the bruising is deep and general, steaming the whole surface is the best method though it makes the wood rotten and disagreeable to cut on afterwards.

  18. If the scauping is too deep bruising of the sides is likely; if too shallow the print will pick up the ink from the ridges at the bottom of the scauping which have touched the ink roller.

  19. The exciting causes are strains resulting from jumping, slipping, rearing, heavy pulling and bruising of the part.

  20. Conditions that favor bruising of the jaw and external wounds favor the development of actinomycosis.

  21. As capped elbow is caused by bruising the part with the hoof or heel of the shoe, the preventive treatment consists in hindering the animal from taking a position that may favor injury to the part.

  22. This should be applied very soon after birth in order to prevent bruising of the fetlock.

  23. A Bruising of Arms for Jacqueline 45 VII.

  24. Brave Captain Van Niekerk was twice hit, one bullet cutting his bandoleer-strap and bruising his shoulder, and the second smashing the stock of his revolver and bruising his side.

  25. In the presence of the preachers they talk about the weather or other harmless subjects, for fear of bruising the spirit of their pastor.

  26. There is no reforming power in torture, in bruising and mangling the flesh.

  27. The text, "He was wounded for our transgressions," is amplified in this hymn, and the Saviour is shown bruising Himself while bruising the serpent.

  28. Once he put so much steam behind it that he couldn't stop in time and plowed into the back fence, busting two boards loose and bruising his shoulder.

  29. From this, after crushing or bruising the lumps with a piece of wood, all stones of a larger size than that of a filbert may be picked out, and their proportion to the whole quantity duly registered.

  30. These are obtained by bruising the fresh leaves, or other vegetable matter, in a marble mortar, or in a mill, and expressing the liquid portion by means of a powerful screw press.

  31. To facilitate the rooting of such layers, the part beneath the soil is fractured by twisting or bruising it, or it is partly cut through with a sharp knife, immediately under a bud.

  32. At this moment the serpent was bruising the heel of the Son of Man, who shortly would bruise His head.

  33. On every page we meet the conflict, the bruising of the Church's heel by the dark powers, and the increasing area of victory covered by our Emmanuel, the Virgin's Child.

  34. It was a day for peace and laughter, rather than for heart-bruising discussion--and they were still young enough to seize upon and avail themselves of such respites.

  35. But over all the bruising comparisons of past and present, the peace of the sky was like a benediction, and his weariness yielded to its calming influence.

  36. The corrupting fly and the bruising and prostrating hail had preceded them in that series of visitations, but they came to do the work of ruin more thoroughly.

  37. With the slightest possible bend, the support is sufficient if the rider sits fair and true in her saddle, while plenty of stuffing is necessary to avoid bruising the leg, especially in leaping.

  38. This is a good method, for the wood itself is coloured to some distance below the surface, and after it is finished it will take considerable bruising to expose its original colour.

  39. If you cannot contrive to clamp it firmly without bruising the outside, you should arrange some blocks (padding them with cloth or leather) in such a way that it can be held securely.

  40. Lashing their horses with all their might and trying to extricate their impeded wagons, they were shouting, jostling and bruising one another without making a step backward.

  41. At this question her eyes became troubled, her temples grew moist with a cold sweat and her hands gripped her throat as if striving to grasp the imaginary cord, the loop of which she felt was bruising her neck and choking her.

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