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Example sentences for "canvasses"

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  1. One of the three canvasses that we have is an allegorical picture called "Progress" in which Progress is seen coming out of a cloud in the background with Uncle William standing in the foreground.

  2. So this morning Uncle rolled up his three canvasses under his arm and has gone away to sell them.

  3. It was strange the way they all seemed to be directing their glance towards me from the canvasses blackened by time.

  4. There also passed a long train full of cannon, and wagons whose canvasses flapped in the breeze.

  5. Then it came out and flooded his drawings and his canvasses with a glory unseen before in art.

  6. He used to strain his son's canvasses and varnish his pictures, "which made Turner say that his father began and finished his pictures for him.

  7. Then he set one of the smaller canvasses on his knee, and started his note-making.

  8. Meanwhile he let them see some of his pictures; showing off his tall, handsome figure, and occasionally balancing his cup to a nicety, as he talked and manipulated the canvasses from his point of vantage.

  9. He waved his hand significantly towards the army of canvasses ranged against the walls.

  10. Had the Umbrian painter seen some canvasses of Veronese?

  11. It is not an easy matter to reconstruct this picture, but we have seen the plan of it in a very early manuscript which shows a grand pile of frame and canvasses much in the style of Pinturicchio's altar-piece in the Pinacoteca.

  12. It was all gone including those canvasses on French Quebec mannequins.

  13. She thought that she was entitled to the canvasses too, he repeatedly thought.

  14. The big Indians of the canvasses peeped grimly from ambushes of flowers and tall ferns, as the studio door opened and Kitty came running to meet me, her cheeks flushed and her curls in a hurricane.

  15. I have seen him painting away on thirty canvasses at the same time in his immense studio.

  16. He had already ordered canvasses for great compositions which, without a doubt, would have been among the glories of French art.

  17. Wherever it has been put into force, women have been a strong factor, giving their own signatures in its favor and in many instances making house to house canvasses to obtain signers.

  18. These canvasses were made by respectable, responsible women, and they swore before a Justice of the Peace as to the truth of their statements.

  19. But when the psychological moment arrived he was so flurried, that while he was wildly running his hand up and down the row of canvasses for the right one he could never find it in time.

  20. In the same number of classic, or romantic, or merely realistic pictures, is there anything quite equalling the monotony that strikes one in a display of canvasses by Claude Monet and his fellows and followers?

  21. Rochegrosse's dramatic canvasses the rhetoric of technic and that only, we miss something.

  22. Then the places were covered with those canvasses there.

  23. A missionary canvasses the working classes for their souls just in the same manner as a town councillor canvasses them for their votes.

  24. She made good use of her opportunities, and many of the canvasses sold, but she had to dispose of them far below their market value at a merely nominal profit which just paid her and that was all.

  25. She almost forgot in the delight of watching that they were actually animate and not marvellously painted canvasses by some master hand.

  26. Cornelia began to laugh, and Charmian turned away and joined Mrs. Westley and Ludlow, who were tilting outward some of the canvasses faced against the wall, and talking them over.

  27. He began to show his own pictures, taking them at random, as it seemed, from the ranks of canvasses faced against the wall.

  28. Harriman has engaged in political canvasses repeatedly in most of the northern states, and in 1872 he participated extensively in the state campaign in North Carolina.

  29. The two he lacked he speedily procured, a good wife and a happy home, both destined to live always on the canvasses of this most fortunate of painters.

  30. By his canvasses we know him as if he had lived among us.

  31. She was in the state in which his canvasses sometimes are, when he cannot paint on them.

  32. We miss his bold canvasses and grand historic outline.

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