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Example sentences for "canvassers"

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  1. Sir Richard Temple was opposed by Mr. Arthur Chamberlain, one at least of whose canvassers was not above stretching a point to obtain the votes of the labourers.

  2. Candidates and canvassers alike had a much more strenuous time than ever before, the former were constrained to hold meetings in every village, and the latter were obliged to visit nearly every cottage.

  3. Book canvassers will find this volume a | | | | Very Salable Book.

  4. Gallant Whig poetasters were rapturous in their praises of the fair canvassers who were making such havoc in the Tory ranks.

  5. In this case it may be reasonably doubted whether the canvassers are obliged to reject the votes of Tioga.

  6. The majority of the canvassers presented a document to the legislature, in which they assigned their reasons for the course they had pursued.

  7. The minority of the canvassers entered a protest against the proceedings of the majority, which it is due to them to insert here.

  8. Seven of the canvassers determined to reject and destroy the ballots alleged to have been illegally returned.

  9. When the canvassers met, difficulties arose as to the legality of the returns from certain counties, particularly of Otsego, Tioga, and Clinton.

  10. Some questions having arisen among the canvassers respecting the returns from Clinton, Otsego, and Tioga, they requested the advice of Mr. King and myself.

  11. The canvassers differing in opinion on the question whether the ballots should be counted or destroyed, they agreed to ask the advice of Rufus King and Colonel Burr.

  12. This is done by the Board of State Canvassers (which see).

  13. Among the canvassers were 142 women; the first women ever employed in government work in Cuba.

  14. Numerous speakers and canvassers went to all parts of the country where Cubans might be found, soliciting funds.

  15. Alice Chisholm took over the business of getting canvassers and planning the work with such efficiency that Josie was delighted.

  16. There is an ad in the morning paper for canvassers for southern cities.

  17. I am supposed to hire canvassers when I get to Atlanta and open up a kind of office for the time being.

  18. They act as agents and canvassers for the newspapers of their party, and as local organizers.

  19. Now when the comitiae had been announced in advance and accordingly no law could be enacted till they were held, the canvassers kept doing much evil in this intervening time, to such an extent that assassinations occurred.

  20. And after this Crassus and Pompey were appointed consuls by the interrex, as no one else of the earlier canvassers opposed them.

  21. Book canvassers will find this volume a | | | | Very Saleable Book.

  22. He was a fighter from the ground up, and had a desperate "down" on canvassers generally, and on Sloper and Dodge's canvassers in particular.

  23. He had further sworn by all he held sacred that every canvasser who came to harry him in future should die, and had put up a notice on his office-door, "Canvassers come in at their own risk.

  24. Their canvassers were molested by the country folk in divers strange bush ways.

  25. The governor claimed that the law and facts were with him, but the Board of Canvassers protested to the contrary, and popular opinion seemed to sustain them.

  26. Cumming assumed to give the certificate of election to Hunt, an Andrew Johnson man, rather than to Chilcott, a radical Republican--notwithstanding the Board of Canvassers decided otherwise.

  27. All of the canvassers have contributed their services.

  28. A comparison of notes disclosed the fact that another member of the party of canvassers had received a similar statement from another resident in the neighborhood.

  29. Half an hour later a woman informed one of the canvassers that she had seen eight or ten girls enter the yard of the old Buckholz place between 3 and 4 o'clock, but had not noticed whether they went into the house or not.

  30. There exists in America a system of canvassing agents by which books are brought to the remotest farmhouses, and the canvassers paid a reasonable compensation.

  31. They must supply canvassers in every centre of Irish feeling in Ireland, England, Scotland, America, and Australia.

  32. Yet there was something decidedly spontaneous in the acclaim with which he was once greeted by over one thousand canvassers at a campaign dinner in the suburban city of Norwood.

  33. He was always one of the speakers held in reserve for the crucial last days of the campaigns, and at the large daily luncheons held in the Hotel Gibson for the canvassers he was at his best.

  34. An army of canvassers was organised on both sides, who plied their vocations in all directions.

  35. It is a well-known fact that many of the canvassers never looked behind them after that memorable time, and numbers of tradesmen signally benefited by the money that was spread about with such liberal hands.

  36. In this quarter of an hour the little tobacconist's shop was besieged by canvassers on both sides, when the tempting sum of 30 pounds was reached.

  37. Think it the best business for canvassers ever offered by any firm, to my knowledge.

  38. I will then go to Cheyenne to get what I can on Wyoming, and that will finish up the business of gathering for that volume, or any other volume except what the canvassers bring in.

  39. It were useless, therefore, to inquire how far the laws of a State make the certificate of a board of canvassers or of returns conclusive evidence of the result of an election held in the State.

  40. Every other State of the Union, save perhaps one, has decided that the certificate is impeachable, even in a case where the statute declares that the canvassers shall "determine what persons have been elected.

  41. It will be seen that this view of the question, while it recognizes the principle that the election is the foundation of the right to the office, assumes that the canvassers have authority to decide the matter finally and conclusively.

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