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Example sentences for "cheapest"

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  1. The cheapest way to get rid of sewage is to discharge it into a running stream or into tide-water.

  2. The dipping vat is the best and cheapest means of applying the tick-destroying solution.

  3. They ask no food, they require no assistance, in gathering their daily stores, beyond that of proper housing in the cheapest description of tenement, and with that they are entirely content.

  4. We shall, then, proceed at once to discuss their proper accommodation, in the cheapest and most familiar method with which we are acquainted.

  5. This being designed as the humblest and cheapest kind of cottage, where the family occupy only a single room, the cost would be small.

  6. If so, a plainer mode of finish may be adopted, to the cheapest degree consistent with the manner of its construction.

  7. Ground, in the country, being the cheapest item which the farmer can devote to building purposes, his object should be to spread over, rather than to go deeply into it, or climb high in the air above it.

  8. Fountains play in the centre, the spouts being cast-iron women's heads of the cheapest European kind.

  9. This is particularly noticeable in Russian railway travelling,--probably the best and cheapest in the world.

  10. There is comparatively little ready money business done except in the cheapest goods.

  11. Neither shall I enter into a long argument as to whether it is right or wrong to charge interest on money lent or capital let, or as to whether it is right or wrong to "buy in the cheapest market and sell in the dearest.

  12. And you know that in order to sell their goods at a cheaper rate than other dealers, the employers will try to get their goods at the cheapest rate possible.

  13. And you know that where two or more employers are offering their goods against each other for sale in the open market, the one who sells his goods the cheapest will get the trade.

  14. For it is to our interest in the one case, as it is to the interest of the capitalist in the other case, to "buy in the cheapest market and to sell in the dearest.

  15. Until comparatively recent times, it was only the worst of English literature and music, the cheapest newspaper twaddle, the inanest music-hall songs, which penetrated beyond a limited circle of culture into the life of the country.

  16. At present prices the 3 per cent, stock is among the cheapest and safest in the world, and would return to the farmer thrice as much interest as the average bank deposit which he now favours.

  17. At first they had employed her exclusively on the cheapest kind of blouses--those that were paid for at the rate of two shillings a dozen, but they did not give her many of that sort now.

  18. At the date when this contract was made, nearly fifty years before the first railway in this district was opened, the waterways offered the easiest and cheapest channel for the transport of heavy goods across the great Fen district.

  19. The cheapest of all things is kindness, its exercise requiring the least possible trouble and self-sacrifice.

  20. Life was never so full of joy to me, as when a poor boy I began to think out improvements in telegraphy, and to experiment with the cheapest and crudest appliances.

  21. Acquiring a family cow is the best and cheapest source of an adequate milk supply.

  22. Finally, the things that are cheapest and best are the things of the soul, the spiritual ministries and influences of life.

  23. Being complete, it tells us how to dress a table for the smallest dinner, but what I value more in it is that it reminds us of the simplest and cheapest of dishes, and gives their cost.

  24. One of the cheapest and, in the opinion of many, the best sweet omelets can be made with six eggs, two ounces of butter, and three or four tablespoonfuls of orange marmalade.

  25. One of the cheapest and perhaps nicest is to boil one or two bay-leaves in the milk.

  26. With regard to the flour, it is cheapest in the end to use the best quality, and the flour should be dried and sifted.

  27. The most efficient and cheapest steam yacht is one in which the masts are reduced to two signal-poles, on which jib-headed trysails may be set to prevent rolling.

  28. The 5's and 20's appear to be the cheapest classes.

  29. In the value of the produce, the prices for both the paddy and the maize must be taken as they exist in the cheapest season of the year, and actually procurable on the spot.

  30. Of the bambusa, the pring-ápus, the stem of which may be considered arborescent, furnishes the cheapest ropes.

  31. The majority of houses erected for this purpose among us, have been of the cheapest possible description.

  32. The cheapest however, and the most common article used for washing, was the urine of men and animals.

  33. Below, in the modest reception-room, in which the smoky beams were pasted over with the cheapest sheets of pictures of Neu-Ruppin, Blanden spoke the decisive word.

  34. All the same--souls are the cheapest things in the world, and the smallest State has many hundreds of thousands of them!

  35. They are used generally in the cheapest description of combs, but although the least valuable material, are subject to the most costly and ingenious processes of manufacture.

  36. But let us take the cheapest article in the trade; namely, the side-combs, sold retail at 1d.

  37. They always try to get off as cheaply as they can; and the cheapest of all things they can give a literary man--pardon the forlorn pleasantry!

  38. The cheapest and least delicate provisions are heaped in the shops; the coarsest and commonest articles of wearing apparel dangle at the salesman's door, and stream from the house-parapet and windows.

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