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Example sentences for "chlorination"

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  1. It may come from raw waste discharges, from treatment plants that skimp on chlorination of their effluent, or from storm runoff and natural drainage off the land and urban pavements.

  2. Chlorination of this substance gave a monochloracetic acid; we will assume the chlorine atom to replace the b hydrogen atom.

  3. SO3H; chlorination may result in the formation of derivatives substituted either in the aromatic nucleus or in the side chain; the former substitution occurs most readily, chlor-toluenes, C6H4.

  4. By conducting the chlorination in alkaline solution, A.

  5. For this reason compounds corresponding with the higher stages of oxidation or chlorination frequently give a lower stage when treated with hydriodic acid.

  6. A mixture of potassium chlorate and nitric and hydrochloric acids effects oxidation and chlorination in solutions.

  7. Their chlorination works, the largest in the world, were putting through 1500 tons per week.

  8. Sometimes chlorination and sometimes cyanization are the measures tried, but supposing the preliminary treatment to have been by stamps in the battery, concentrating is one of the main reliances of the mill man.

  9. As regards the comparative merits of chlorination and cyanization, it may be said the one is the equal of the other.

  10. The methyl-formate plant was part of an existing installation, but the chlorination and distillation plant were specially installed.

  11. The effect was also apparent in the cellulose (benzoate) isolated by chlorination &c.

  12. Chlorination process yielded in the hands of the authors results confirming the figures given in 'Cellulose' for yield of cellulose.

  13. In a carefully regulated hydrolysis following the chlorination it appears that the furfuroids are almost entirely conserved in the form of a cellulose.

  14. Such a comparison shows the superiority of the chlorination method.

  15. The operation of chlorination can be done either in one or two (p.

  16. In printing on wool the chlorination of the wool is a most important preliminary operation.

  17. At the Royal Testing Station in Berlin, numerous experiments on sewage chlorination were made by Kranejuhl and Kurpjuivut.

  18. In this book the various aspects and methods of chlorination are discussed with a view to stimulating research work in this field of science.

  19. The various aspects and methods of chlorination are discussed and suggestions have been made which, I hope, will stimulate research work in this fertile field of science.

  20. It has been found that the white flame-arc excels other artificial light-sources in hastening the chlorination of natural gas in the production of chloroform.

  21. Chlorination processes are in use which render the treated water disagreeable to the taste and filtration alone is looked upon with suspicion.

  22. At Mount Morgan the process known as chlorination has been developed on a larger scale than has elsewhere been attempted.

  23. By chlorination every particle of gold is extracted.

  24. It is described as follows:-- 'The process of chlorination at Mount Morgan is a very interesting one, and would well repay a visit of inspection by any who are interested in the profitable and economic treatment of auriferous ores.

  25. Chlorination was originally attempted in the United States.

  26. When it has sufficiently cooled, it is taken on an inclined tramway to the hoppers connected with the chlorination barrels, in which the gas is generated by mingling chloride of lime with sulphuric acid.

  27. For any system of chlorination yet introduced it is necessary to free the ore from sulphides.

  28. One of the great advantages common to all systems of chlorination is that ores may be crushed dry and treated, so that the loss from float gold may be avoided.

  29. Hitherto, when the ore was very fine or contained slimes, the difficulty of filtration was increased, sometimes in extreme cases to such an extent that chlorination became impracticable.

  30. Both fixed and rotating vats are employed, the chlorination proceeding more rapidly in the latter case; rotating barrels are sometimes used.

  31. After charging, the barrel is rotated, and when the chlorination is complete the contents are emptied on a filter of quartz or some similar material, and the filtrate led to settling tanks.

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