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Example sentences for "choosers"

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chonce; chonta; choo; choose; chooser; chooses; choosest; chooseth; choosing; chop
  1. Upon the field of battle he was followed by his Valkyrs, Wish-Maidens, choosers of the slain, who consecrated the fallen heroes with kisses and carried them away to Walhalla.

  2. Some of the deliberate choosers watch the field very closely and as soon as anyone strikes a new vein or angle they proceed to work it over.

  3. The supposed chosen cards are then held up, fanwise, together, and the choosers asked if they do not see their cards amongst them.

  4. The performer now asks the choosers of the two cards on the top at what numbers they shall pass up the sleeve.

  5. Of him who dares 'The Choosers of the Slain.

  6. And are you fitter choosers for yourselves in comparison of God, than your child is in comparison of you?

  7. Bethink you how unmeet you are to be the choosers of your own condition.

  8. Well have the Valkyrs, choosers of the slain, performed their task, stirring mortal hearts to battle and riding through the air above to designate the bravest for death, and with their spirits to fill the halls on Valhalla's height.

  9. The Valkyries, Choosers of the Slain, are his messengers.

  10. Both these choosers choose the best men in the colony, and put them into the second assembly.

  11. Certain maidens called Valkyrie, or Choosers of the Slain, were Odin's messengers whom he sent forth into the battles of the world to find the warriors whom he had appointed to die, and to bring them to Valhalla.

  12. This roused Sigurd's wrath, for he would have nought said against those who had reared him, but Regin bade him ask for one of the horses of Gripir, and banished his anger by a song of the deeds of the Choosers of the Slain.

  13. The raiment of these mermaids, which is styled wondrous farther on, seems to have been the swan-raiment worn by the Valkyries or Choosers of the Slain, which enabled its wearers to assume the shape of swans, or at least to fly away.

  14. The swan-maiden in Wieland's case was one of the Valkyries, and indeed the two mermaids in the Nibelungenlied appear, from the part assigned to them in the poem, to be genuine Choosers of the Slain.

  15. Choosers of the Slain The mission of the Valkyrs was not only to battlefields upon earth, but they often rode over the sea, snatching the dying Vikings from their sinking dragon-ships.

  16. And the sleepers stir restlessly and murmur As between them pass The bright-mailed choosers of the dead.

  17. All parents are supposed and required to be themselves the choosers of the sponsors or sureties, and also to give notice to the minister beforehand: by which it appeareth that their consent is presupposed.

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