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Example sentences for "circumscribing"

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circumpolar; circumscissile; circumscribe; circumscribed; circumscribes; circumscription; circumspect; circumspection; circumspectly; circumstance
  1. As the fundamental truth originating and yet circumscribing the validity of laws and constitutions, it can not be stated in a simpler form.

  2. Font gave his measurements as those of a circumscribing wall, and his inference has been adopted by many, in fact most, later writers.

  3. A circumscribing wall is an anomalous feature, in the experience of the writer, and a close inspection of the general map will show that Font's inference is hardly justified by the condition of the remains today.

  4. Will he not defeat his purpose by employing a symbol circumscribing Him who is beyond circumscription?

  5. A fifth variety of Quality is figure or circumscribing form, straightness or crookedness.

  6. Then on the wings of Cherubim He rode far into Chaos, and with His golden compasses decreed the dimensions of the universe by circumscribing the vast vacuity of space.

  7. Until we know the particulars themselves, we can not fix upon the most correct and compact mode of circumscribing them by a general description.

  8. The overcoming of the barriers of reality, represented by the circumscribing circles is the work of the Thinker who is forever seeking to expand and to know.

  9. He postulated a theorem, known as Beltrami's Theorem, which he stated as follows: "The center of a circle circumscribing a triangle is the center of gravity of the centers of its inscribed and escribed circles.

  10. We continued skirmishing with the enemy, circumscribing their burning and pillaging until we reached the vicinity of Savannah.

  11. Aalzum which was then being excavated, when he showed that there was a circumscribing dyke, and, although no actual piles were then visible, he was informed by the proprietors that such wooden structures had been occasionally met with.

  12. The more probable modus operandi was to construct in the first place a circumscribing dyke of mud, varying in size according to the number of the tribe or family, behind which the cottages were built on platforms supported on piles.

  13. Perhaps you will answer, as some others have done, we can attain it by circumscribing our wishes within the compass of our abilities.

  14. It is the glory of the marriage state," she rejoined, "to refine by circumscribing our enjoyments.

  15. There is always an inertia to be overcome in striking out a new line of conduct--not more in ourselves, it seems, than in circumscribing events, which appear as if leagued together to allow no novelties in the way of amelioration.

  16. It was a revolution alarming those who would have walled in public opinion by circumscribing all knowledge to a privileged class.

  17. He showed that the surface and volume of the last- named equal two-thirds of the surface and volume of the circumscribing cylinder.

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