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Example sentences for "circumspectly"

Lexicographically close words:
circumscribes; circumscribing; circumscription; circumspect; circumspection; circumstance; circumstanced; circumstances; circumstantial; circumstantiality
  1. When he opened his mouth, no dog must bark;" and any dissent from his opinion, however circumspectly worded, he considered a personal insult.

  2. They were pulling to windward now, and it was necessary to watch the seas that ranged up ahead and to handle the boat circumspectly while the freshening breeze blew the spray over them.

  3. Mrs. Hastings glanced at Agatha, who understood what the look meant, for Sproatly had hitherto spoken of Winifred circumspectly as Miss Rawlinson.

  4. May they not have tired of creeping, with an abject air, into cars and omnibusses, and gradually and circumspectly lowering themselves amid such billows of hoops and flounces?

  5. When asked to take a gentleman's arm, she hooketh the tip of her little finger circumspectly on to his male coat-sleeve.

  6. Circumspectly he peeped out of the shadowed frame.

  7. He leaned, circumspectly out of the window and looked.

  8. He flattened, banked, and came down circumspectly enough, considering how his head was whirling when he finally came to a stand.

  9. Wherefore they came down circumspectly in a flat little field beside a flat little stream, with a huddle of flat dwellings drawn back shyly behind a thin group of willows.

  10. But, on the contrary, the minor, more obscure, or commoner productions must be carefully distinguished and circumspectly handled by those who do not desire or cannot afford to throw away their money.

  11. He paid for two tickets as circumspectly as possible.

  12. She was in a position to become refractory with considerable advantage, and Hurstwood conducted himself circumspectly because he felt that he could not be sure of anything once she became dissatisfied.

  13. Move circumspectly not meticulously, and rather carefully sollicitous than anxiously sollicitudinous.

  14. Tread softly and circumspectly in this funambulatory Track and narrow Path of Goodness: Pursue Virtue virtuously: Leven not good Actions, nor render Virtues disputable.

  15. Paul goes on to elaborate his admonition by explaining what it is to walk circumspectly and wisely--to "redeem the time, because the days are evil.

  16. To regulate the life by keeping God's will ever before the eyes, always conforming the conduct to it--this he calls walking circumspectly and being wise.

  17. She walked circumspectly enough, seemingly taking little interest in events or individuals.

  18. Sylvia carried herself circumspectly enough as she went back into the house, but she was almost giddy with joy over the final words of that conference.

  19. To walk circumspectly is to walk cautiously; to look where one is stepping; to be vigilant, watchful, diligent, attentive.

  20. To walk circumspectly is to see that every step bears us heavenward, to have our faces set toward God, to have our eternal home in view, and to be journeying that way.

  21. In the verses preceding this one we are told to walk circumspectly and to redeem the time.

  22. He was very cautious lest he should be thus discovered by his wife, and he practised this occupation only in the afternoons, while she was asleep upstairs, and then circumspectly in a hollow under the counter.

  23. Then very circumspectly he began to climb.

  24. But the sound of the hotel band, bringing a waltz to a close, made Mrs. Mervill leave her lounge-chair and seat herself circumspectly on a more upright one.

  25. The greater portion of the people remain in their pride and wickedness, the lesser portion walking more circumspectly before God.

  26. He listened intently and fancied even now he could hear the voices of brother and sister talking quietly and circumspectly together in the room beneath.

  27. And Mr Craik, followed closely by Danton's great body, stole circumspectly across his dim chink, and the first adventurer went stumbling down the kitchen staircase.

  28. Yellowjacket, she noticed, kept circumspectly to the centre of the trail and eyed the canyon with frank disfavour.

  29. They were pulling to windward now, and it was necessary to watch the seas that ranged up ahead and handle her circumspectly while the freshening breeze blew the spray all over them.

  30. Mrs. Hastings glanced at Agatha, who understood what she meant, for Sproatly had hitherto spoken of Winifred circumspectly as Miss Rawlinson.

  31. Mrs. Nevill Tyson had never walked circumspectly in her life.

  32. Very circumspectly I went, for I knew not when through the wall of mist a gleam of buff coats or steel might meet me.

  33. Without hesitation I ran down the slopes, caring not to look circumspectly to the left and right.

  34. Very quietly and circumspectly I went, imitating a stableman by my walk and carriage as I best knew how, till in ten minutes I came to the end, and, turning up the Fisherrow, came into Leith Walk and the borders of Edinburgh.

  35. He therefore determined to let the Jew know his need, and did so, telling him at the same time what he had intended to do, in the event of his answering less circumspectly than he had done.

  36. Yellow jacket, she noticed, kept circumspectly to the center of the trail and eyed the canyon with frank disfavor.

  37. The three turned circumspectly and stared solemnly at a gray burro with a crippled front leg that had limped to the dump heap within easy throwing distance from the cabin door.

  38. A bright, new traffic button had been placed in the geographical center of the crossing; and woe be unto the right-hand pocket of any man who failed to drive circumspectly around it.

  39. But I overstepped the carcase of the rascal into whom I had set my good blade, and most circumspectly made my way down the side of the wall unseen of any.

  40. Ye must reconnoitre them circumspectly before ye can hope to take them by direct assault.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "circumspectly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    carefully; deliberately; diligently; discreetly; easily; easy; gently; gingerly; haltingly; industriously; intelligently; judiciously; knowingly; leisurely; lovingly; moderately; painstakingly; rationally; reasonably; reluctantly; slow; slowly; tenderly; thoroughly; wisely