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Example sentences for "clamorously"

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clamor; clamore; clamored; clamoring; clamorous; clamors; clamour; clamoured; clamouring; clamourous
  1. The oxen low as they depart; all the woodland is filled with their complaint as they clamorously quit the hills.

  2. Then indeed the Rutulians clamorously greet the omen, and their hands flash out.

  3. So when they swooped clamorously down along the winding shore, Misenus from his watch-tower on high signals on the hollow brass; my comrades rush in and essay the strange battle, to set the stain of steel on the winged horrors of the sea.

  4. From this she was shortly after awakened by the boisterous entry of her brother Henry, who clamorously reminded her of a promise to give him two yards of carnation ribbon to make knots to his new garters.

  5. The serving of the expected feast was impatiently looked for by the guests, and clamorously demanded by the temporary master of the castle.

  6. He is no longer 'independent,' however clamorously in his Nationalist oratory he may use that word.

  7. After that time they began to listen to the voice of humanity, and adopted the very expedient which they had so clamorously condemned.

  8. The public indignation at this new violation of the law was clamorously expressed; and it was remarked that the Roman Catholics were even louder in censure than the Protestants.

  9. Members of Congress who had actively opposed building any navy came clamorously around to ask each for a ship for some special purpose of protection connected with his district.

  10. Once under the trees on the mountain side, the pious prompting knocked less clamorously at the door of his heart; and with its abatement the temptation to say or do the desperate thing became less insistent, also.

  11. It was Ludlow, hammering clamorously for silence on the shell of the big crane ladle, who acted as spokesman when the uproar was quelled.

  12. What two works are those for which at this moment our national intellect (or, more rigorously speaking, our popular intellect) is beginning clamorously to call?

  13. Accordingly, as one of the means most clamorously invoked by our social position for averting some dreadful convulsion constantly brooding over England, he insists upon a closer approximation between our highest classes and our lowest.

  14. Troops were wanted; money likewise, to raise new levies, and to pay to the old the arrears which the men were clamorously demanding.

  15. In fact, the misery of Germany had risen to such a height, that all clamorously vociferated for peace; and even the most disadvantageous pacification would have been hailed as a blessing from heaven.

  16. Donne looked at it, declared the subscription "shabby," and clamorously demanded more.

  17. Cannoneers were swept away like flies, and their places were promptly taken by other cannoneers who eagerly and clamorously claimed the privileges of the conflict.

  18. From the beginning the abolitionists had clamorously and ceaselessly demanded of Mr. Lincoln that he should recognize the actual cause of the war by proclaiming freedom for the slaves at the South.

  19. The result was that neither sent the reinforcements for which his brother in the field was so clamorously calling.

  20. The hounds were baying clamorously in the distance.

  21. As the afternoon waned the murmurs modulated clamorously and a voice shrilled forth, "Give us the Christians!

  22. She cannot say that I ever sang her praises," laughed Tannhäuser, and as he faced the audience with Elizabeth there was a hum which modulated clamorously into noisy applause.

  23. They all vanished; flooding gloomily, clamorously out, to their ulterior businesses, and respective places of abode: the Long Parliament is dissolved!

  24. Salvina, whose sense of romance never exalted her above the practical, remembered now that her brother Lazarus might come back at any moment clamorously hungry.

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