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Example sentences for "colouring"

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colouration; colourd; coloure; coloured; colourful; colourings; colourist; colourists; colourless; colourman
  1. Earl, in a tone which made the arch-villain and his fellow-prisoners all three start convulsively: "give not a false colouring to that transaction!

  2. Earl, colouring with anger; and as he glanced rapidly around, his eyes met those of the highwayman.

  3. Wood ashes and peat, quantities of unbroken cherry stones, broken hazel nuts, broken animal bones and teeth, also a ball of red colouring matter, 2 6 3.

  4. Thus, if you write on printing paper with common ink, it will fade, because the chloride will destroy the colouring matter of writing ink.

  5. An example of this colouring is given on the outside cover of this volume.

  6. But not even our dusty room nor the dark stuffy "comedor," where we took our meals, could obliterate the vision of that brilliant pageant of marching clouds and magnificent colouring which had surrounded us on the Cerro del Carmen.

  7. Objects of wood are cut in flat relief, and those made of bamboo are similarly treated, the design being emphasised by the colouring of the intaglio.

  8. Perched on a dead thistle, his blackest of black heads, the white streak by his neck, and the brilliance of his colouring contrasted with the yellow gorse around.

  9. I am sorry to hear you express your opinion against marriages of affection, pa,' said Bella, colouring a little.

  10. I need hardly add, that if such is attainable, it is only by those who have a power of colouring that few pretend to.

  11. The extremely varied colouring on the infinite number of hill-slopes that everywhere intersected the Tambur valley was very pleasing.

  12. This curious Alga calls to mind in its colouring Caenocoleus Smithii, figured in English Botany, t.

  13. Whichever way you turn, the eye is met by some beautiful specimen of colouring or carving, or some object of veneration.

  14. In the horse we see this tendency strong whenever a dun tint appears--a tint which approaches to that of the general colouring of the other species of the genus.

  15. The opposite of albinism; an undue development of colouring material in the skin and its appendages.

  16. Albinos are animals in which the usual colouring matters characteristic of the species have not been produced in the skin and its appendages.

  17. Some facts in regard to the colouring of pigeons well deserve consideration.

  18. The colouring material produced generally in the superficial parts of animals.

  19. Edition after edition was called for--and supplied, as fast as the illustrations could be got away from the small army of women and children who were colouring them.

  20. I saw Bellincione Berti walk abroad In leathern girdle and a clasp of bone; And, with no artful colouring on her cheeks, His lady leave the glass.

  21. Had I a tongue in eloquence as rich, As is the colouring in fancy's loom, 'T were all too poor to utter the least part Of that enchantment.

  22. His first style was formed after that of the Carracci; he fell later under the influence of Caravaggio, whose strong colouring and shadows greatly impressed his mind.

  23. The female heads have sweetness and beauty of feature, and some of the colouring has noticeable force.

  24. Except in the foreground, where foxy browns of withered bracken and pink-shot browns of withered heather gave richness of tone, the colouring of the great view was somewhat cold.

  25. But the colouring was restful, the air here on the dry gravel soil light and eager, and the sense of height and space exhilarating.

  26. Their colouring now suggests fogs and white-capped waves.

  27. Undoubtedly their protective colouring has much to do with their increase.

  28. You must have noticed {201} all through these bird biographies that the structure and colouring of every bird are adapted to its kind of life, each member of the same family varying according to its habits.

  29. The timid bird relies on his protective colouring to conceal him in so exposed a place and profits by his fearlessness in broad daylight next to an excellent feeding ground.

  30. The colour visions are generally only seen with closed eyes, but the colouring of all external objects is exaggerated.

  31. All his system seemed infected with the fantastic colouring in which he was plunged.

  32. According to Boehm, the poison from the larva also belongs to the toxalbumins, and Starke states, that it causes the dissolution of the colouring matter of the blood and produces inflammation.

  33. The azo-group, however, has little or no colouring effect when present in a ring system, such as in cinnolene, phthalazine and tolazone.

  34. The phenomena attending the salt formation of coloured and colouring substances are important.

  35. The colouring is that of classic mythology, but the spiritual element is as individual as that of any classical poem by Milton, Gray, Keats or Tennyson.

  36. The colouring of the air contributed as much to the effect as the grandeur of the masses on which that colouring fell.

  37. In like manner, the hues of the atmosphere are not due to colouring matter, but to the fact of its being a turbid medium.

  38. The sun showered gold upon the pines, and brought richly out the colouring of the rocks.

  39. The purple colouring of the mountains observed on looking down the valley was indescribable; out of Italy I have never seen anything like it.

  40. In the 16th century designs of the Renaissance style alternated with these, although the system and colouring continued the same.

  41. Spain, and sent to India, France, Flanders, Italy and other countries, and was esteemed everywhere for the perfection of the colouring and brilliancy of the glaze.

  42. A few dishes belong also to the 15th century, ornamented with the same colouring as the tiles without metallic lustre, and generally decorated with fantastic animals.

  43. He noticed that they were right, whilst certain astronomers, who only allow grey colouring on the surface of the moon, are wrong.

  44. He considered that the existence of this different colouring was proved to science.

  45. And with poor Anthony the colouring he laid on at this time was cold and grey enough.

  46. Hinduism gives more or less of colouring to his religious thought and aspirations; and not a few of its forms and ceremonies are retained, but filled with a new Christian content, and are utilized to aid in the development of Christian life.

  47. Thus the Western colouring and emphasis which is given to our faith in that land can neither be appreciated nor approved by the educated Hindu.

  48. A lofty altruism must permeate his every act and give colouring to his whole life.

  49. Once trained to that perfection, colouring and shading become comparatively easy, and a little instruction, with practice, will enable the hitherto uneducated artist to overcome almost every obstacle.

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