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Example sentences for "colourful"

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colourably; colouration; colourd; coloure; coloured; colouring; colourings; colourist; colourists; colourless
  1. To understand his art and its actuating impulses it is necessary to know something of his colourful and adventuresome life.

  2. He wanted something more elemental--scenes where an unspoilt and untamed nature gave birth to a race of simple and colourful character.

  3. Probably the giggling and chaffering of the girls on the terrace, and the respectful but persistent importunities of the Omars and Ahmeds to buy their colourful wares outspread on the hot flags have oppressed her spirits.

  4. His audacity called attention to his imperfect, colourful verse, his love of beauty, his sense of the exotic, the strange, the unhealthy.

  5. Sticking the pins through her straw hat, dyed black, she took from the bottom drawer of the cupboard a patent-leather hand-bag with colourful worsted fruit embroidered upon its shining sides.

  6. And they have a good body of expressive and colourful speech.

  7. With our modern passion for efficiency, and with efficiency rapidly becoming compulsory everywhere, that colourful class of ancient lineage, the bums, is quickly becoming persona non grata to our civilisation, and will soon be extinct.

  8. Indeed, the Great War is one of the most thrilling, momentous and colourful chapters in the history of canes.

  9. Women as well as men play their part in the colourful story of the cane.

  10. Tessie was buoyant and colourful with youth.

  11. Buck eyed them gravely, hat and arm describing parabolas with increasing frequency as they approached Fiftieth Street, slackening as the colourful pageant grew less brilliant, thinned, and faded into the park mists.

  12. It is not hard to make for oneself a colourful picture of a typical Sunday congregation in these dead and gone days.

  13. It is true that Thomas Paine lived but a short time in Greenwich, and that the long play of his full and colourful career was enacted before he came to spend his last days in the Village.

  14. But they are colourful waves, prismatic waves, fresh, invigourating and energetic waves, carrying on their crests iridescent seaweed and glittering shells and now and then a pearl.

  15. Now, by all that's eccentric, what's a colourful name?

  16. Entangled in the adventures of colourful characters he didn't hear at first the sliding of stealthy feet in the hall, whispered consultations, sly knockings at various doors.

  17. The pleasures awaiting them at their journey's end should be colourful and compelling; yet it was clear to him sordid discontent lurked for some, and for others unavoidable sorrows.

  18. The picture made him realize how quickly the generations pass away, drifting one into the other with the rapidity of our brief and colourful seasons.

  19. He enjoyed the ride to the field in the cold, clear air, through hurrying, noisy, and colourful crowds.

  20. A flight of steps led to a stone-floored verandah and they went up it and perched themselves on the parapet, to the probable detriment of the ivy growing across it, and watched the colourful scene.

  21. The others gathered on the port side to gaze across the water at the crowded beach and the colourful maze of buildings.

  22. Never had he seen such a massed and bewilderingly colourful display of evening dress, nor heard such a confused chorus of bright laughter, light talk and blaring orchestration.

  23. To Boone Wellver, this journey was as full of mystifying and alluringly colourful events as a mandarin's cloak is crusted with the richness of embroidery.

  24. As the fellow spoke, in fairly good English, he took from a pocket of the short coat which spoiled his costume, a colourful silk handkerchief.

  25. But they couldn't spoil the sunset, and Medinet was a colourful picture of the Orient, towering against the crimson west.

  26. Loveland spluttered a few colourful words, but was still too bewildered by the catastrophe to become volcanic.

  27. With Das Buch der Bilder the dream is ended, the veil of mist is lifted and before us are revealed pictures and images that rise before our eyes in clear colourful contours.

  28. From this period dates the small poem Evening, which seems to have been sketched by a Japanese painter, so clear and colourful is its texture, so precious and precise are its outlines.

  29. To the other, rose white mess-tents decorated with flowers and bunting, each centring its knot of crowding, colourful guests.

  30. The colourful and graphic pictures make these histories beloved by all children whether they read the text or not.

  31. The walls were stretched with this colourful cloth, and the arm-chairs and the couches were to match.

  32. There life is rendered in violent and colourful brutality.

  33. His glance followed the lightly waved hands with keen approval, then rose to the lively and colourful face, with its hazel eyes, its small and pretty nose, and the lip-caught smile which seemed the climax of her decorative transition.

  34. I recommend this colourful fourteenth-century book to lovers of fantasy.

  35. Few dare visit the colourful forest of evil or the treacherous river, for strange and unholy things dwell therein.

  36. Beautiful was the world, colourful was the world, strange and mysterious was the world!

  37. In their midst, carried by four servants in an ornamental sedan-chair, sat a woman, the mistress, on red pillows under a colourful canopy.

  38. Always a place somewhere for laughter and love and light hands caressing, for bird song and bird mating and colourful flowers.

  39. Down in San Francisco, busied with her own youthful joys, this quest of Ben Gaynor and Mark King had had no serious import to the girl; she had merely chatted of it because of its colourful phases.

  40. The walls were stretched with this colourful cloth, and the armchairs and the couches were to match.

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