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Example sentences for "commemorating"

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commedia; commedie; commemorate; commemorated; commemorates; commemoration; commemorations; commemorative; commen; commence
  1. It is in the kitchen garden, and in the alcoves of the pillars are moulded bricks with initials and hearts commemorating the union of Sir Thomas Cullum with the daughter of Sir Henry North.

  2. It certainly is a rather eccentric way of commemorating the charter granted by Elizabeth and confirmed by Charles II.

  3. Among those by contemporary writers are Macfarren's, written in 1884, and Sullivan's, commemorating the recovery of the Prince of Wales.

  4. From this point they rowed along under the shore to a low promontory, upon which stood another monument, commemorating a more tragical event.

  5. The church is full of tablets commemorating the death of distinguished people, and the stained-glass windows are covered with the names of the victims of Nana Sahib's treachery, and of those who fell in action.

  6. It is not a great national temple erected by a free and united people, it owes its creation to the whim of an absolute ruler who was free to squander the resources of the State in commemorating his personal sorrows or his vanity.

  7. At the junction of Market Street with Mason Street is a monument commemorating the admission of California to the Union (1850).

  8. An elegiac poem by Shelley, commemorating the death of Keats.

  9. Powell Street leads to Union Square, with the St. Francis Hotel and a Naval Monument commemorating the exploits of the United States fleet in the Philippines during the war with Spain (1898).

  10. What an incomprehensible stretch of authority Christ put forth, if He were no more than a teacher, when He brushed aside the Passover, and put in its place the Lord's Supper, as commemorating His own death!

  11. There can be few stronger attestations of historical events than the keeping of days commemorating them, if traced back to the event they commemorate.

  12. The ballad of Pigwacket, commemorating that bloody work, passed into the popular memory, and abided there for many a year.

  13. Various popular ballads commemorating the fight were printed in Farmer and Moore’s Hist.

  14. It was through his suggestion that Harvard College published in 1761 a collection of Greek, Latin, and English verses, commemorating George II.

  15. Commemorating the Marshal's victories in the Flemish war are the Austrian eagle, the Dutch lion and the English lion.

  16. The legends commemorating repairs are usually formal, laconic records of the names and titles of the rebuilder of a tower or of the curtain of the wall.

  17. It is studded with pillars commemorating the long shots made by the imperial archers.

  18. Around the exterior of the column winded a spiral band of bas-reliefs commemorating the exploits of the Emperor, while the stairway within led to his statue on the summit.

  19. There are other statues in the Square besides the noble one commemorating the deeds of the hero of "Full steam ahead, and damn the torpedoes!

  20. When all were seated Abdul passed through the rooms, speaking:[624] "Abdul Baha is now walking among you commemorating Baha Ullah.

  21. He already cabled you about the appropriate manner for commemorating the Centenary of the Báb’s martyrdom, so I will not go into the subject again here.

  22. Names commemorating the Death and Burial of the Saviour are not infrequent.

  23. Field commemorating his skill, fortitude and perseverance in originating and completing the first enterprise for an ocean telegraph successfully accomplished Aug.

  24. Among the most ardent admirers of the French revolution was an assemblage of persons, with Lord Stanhope at their head, who had associated for many years for the purpose of commemorating the British revolution of 1888.

  25. Besides the usual citadel, he built there a temple dedicated to the Theban god Amon and to the local Horus; he then set up a stele commemorating his victories over the peoples beyond the cataract.

  26. And yet, wherever excavations have been made among these remains which have suffered such deplorable ill-treatment, colossi and inscriptions commemorating the Pharaohs of the XIIth dynasty have been brought to light.

  27. Occasionally the figure of a Sword was carved on the tomb of the knight, to indicate his calling, as in this incised slab from Brougham Church, Westmoreland, commemorating one of the Brougham family.

  28. Tower Roll, commemorating a wager of battle in the reign of Henry III.

  29. Did the authorities, I wonder, know that Browning's love of their city led him always to wear on his watch-chain a coin struck by Manin in 1848 commemorating the overthrow of Austrian power in Venice?

  30. The expedition was triumphant enough to lead the Bishop to commission Titian to paint two pictures commemorating it.

  31. Cardinal Wiseman attributes this to the 411 custom of commemorating the anniversary of the death of the departed as that of his birth into a higher life.

  32. We may conjecture that the monument was in reality a stele containing the king in an arched frame, with the right hand raised above the left, which is the ordinary attitude, and an inscription below commemorating the occasion of its erection.

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