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Example sentences for "commemorations"

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commemorate; commemorated; commemorates; commemorating; commemoration; commemorative; commen; commence; commenced; commencement
  1. Cyprian was absent from Carthage when the persecution was raging there, but he wrote to his clergy, "Note the days of their death, that we may celebrate their commemorations along with the memorials of the martyrs.

  2. In either Mass are any commemorations to be made, and when and how are they to be made?

  3. If there are other commemorations to be made in the Mass of the day, they are to be said before the commemoration of the Mass pro sponso et sponsa.

  4. The observance of this day is very significant and rounds out or completes the former commemorations of the year.

  5. In later times, there were added to this commemoration of Christ's manifestation to the Gentiles, two further commemorations of his wonderful showings of His divine mission, viz.

  6. The second division consists of commemorations of saints in no wise connected with festivals of our Lord or with one another.

  7. In the study of commemorations and translations of feasts there are two words which have a special meaning and which, being often used in calendar working, deserve a special note.

  8. The script appears to him to be "old Irish, rather than Anglo-Saxon, and the large numbers of commemorations of Irish saints and the accuracy with which the names are spelt, point to an Irish origin.

  9. The rules laid down in the general rubrics of the Breviary for commemorations were never very simple, and when we read the changes brought about in De ratione Divini officii recitandi juxta novum Psalteri ordinem, Titles II.

  10. Extempore On Some Commemorations Of Thomson Dost thou not rise, indignant shade, And smile wi' spurning scorn, When they wha wad hae starved thy life, Thy senseless turf adorn?

  11. Occasionally, the Catholics appear to have made these Christmas candles (as also the candles exhibited by them, on other occasions of the commemorations connected with their religion) in a triangular form, as typical of the Trinity.

  12. Yet still we love these commemorations and hail them, each and all, as the year restores them to us, shorn and scarred as they are.

  13. The three commemorations of the Roman Canon, the Memento Domine .

  14. For these additions, the commemorations of saints, &c.

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