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Example sentences for "compacting"

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  1. This treading, besides compacting the soil, covers the roots of many weeds, and causes them to grow again.

  2. A heavy mulch breaks the force of rains, and prevents them from compacting the soil, as would be the result, were no such precaution taken.

  3. The soil at the surface is pulverized without the compacting of the lower parts, the area of contact being large.

  4. Mechanical manures are those which improve the mechanical condition of the soil, such as loosening stiff clays, compacting light sands, pulverizing large particles, etc.

  5. They lift the earth up, instead of pressing it downwards, thus loosening instead of compacting the soil.

  6. Clemenceau and the touchstone by which he tested the sincerity of all professions of faith in his cherished project of compacting the nations of the world in a vast league of peace-loving, law-abiding communities.

  7. From this twofold nature or the more simple compacting of one, various substances take their rise among us, which originate in greater proportion now from the earthy, now from the aqueous nature.

  8. Then put on a light coat or course of one and one-half inch stone, with a light coat of binding, and then put on the roller, thus setting the finer stone well with the foundation and compacting the whole mass together.

  9. On the top of this mass there gradually came into shape the delicate structure of her nest, compacting and refining till its delicate carpet of hairs and threads was reached.

  10. Holes and crevices familiar as avenues of escape, will have been sealed, by the weather collecting and compacting surface debris.

  11. When it is applied, however, great care should be taken to prevent overheating; a lessening or entire removal of the strawy covering, and again firmly compacting the surface of the bed will reduce the temperature.

  12. This compacting of the pile at every turning reduces the number of required turnings.

  13. Or a fair heat may be started in such a stale bed by sprinkling it over rather freely with urine from the barnyard, then forking the surface over two or three inches deep and afterward compacting it slightly with the back of the fork.

  14. He is also referred to the two photographs, Plate XXIV, illustrating the writer's first experiment, showing how increases in the loading resulted in compacting the material of the arch and in the consequent lowering of the false bottom.

  15. Plate XXIV, due to the initial compacting of the sand under the arching stresses.

  16. Showing the compacting of the visceral mass; liver at the top, small intestine and caecum at the bottom.

  17. At first nine times the volume of ice, the gradually compacting névé approaches the volume of ice as a limit.

  18. With increase of thickness compacting appears to progress so rapidly as to permit the transfer of thrust for short distances before absorption of thrust takes place in the displaced snow.

  19. If no compacting took place, then to accommodate all the snow in the glacial trough would require an increase in thickness in the ratio of 1:4.

  20. The gradient may decrease to 0° or actually be reversed and motion still continue provided the compacting snow approach true névé or even glacier ice as a limit.

  21. A notable instance is Irving's compacting of two scenes in Tennyson's Becket: he places at Montmirail what is essential in both Scene 2, Act II, Montmirail.

  22. His eyes were toned to the darkness of the laboratory; he saw the chamber of his atom-compacting machine, its outer sides ghostly in the faint, reflected starlight, and stared at it with a pang of fierce longing.

  23. Weight, which is the sum of the mass of all the atoms in you, is not, naturally, affected by compacting those atoms.

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