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Example sentences for "conceals"

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concealers; concealeth; concealing; concealment; concealments; conceaved; concede; conceded; concedes; concedimus
  1. America consequently exhibits in the broad light of day the phenomena which the ignorance or rudeness of earlier ages conceals from our researches.

  2. The future still conceals from us the ulterior consequences of this emigration of the American toward the west; but we can hardly apprehend its more immediate results.

  3. The future conceals the final result of this tendency, and the events which may check, retard, or accelerate, the changes I have described; but I do not affect to be able to remove the veil which hides them from our sight.

  4. In the first place, the word universal conceals a gross sophism.

  5. Your reasoning is apparently sound, I grant you, and that is why the illusion it conceals is so common.

  6. Enter Angelo, in a short mantle, with which he conceals his face.

  7. PUNCH, springs up but too late to get a sight of his enemy, he conceals himself behind the scenes and remains on watch.

  8. JOE slily crawls up to his side of the stage and conceals himself behind the curtains.

  9. One who believes that an atom is a monstrance that conceals the Holy Ghost of Force.

  10. At all events, the statue is a fine example of apparently unstudied ease, of that consummate art which conceals itself.

  11. Clothing conceals defects, improves bodily appearance and protects the body from heat and cold.

  12. A dress that only partially conceals the breasts of a woman, that reveals the delicate curves of hips and limbs, has this influence upon the mind of the normal man.

  13. The more I reflect on the subject, the more clearly I perceive that you are only the art of some Great Being, extremely powerful and skilful, who conceals Himself and exhibits you.

  14. The cosmogony of Sanchoniaton, or of the Phoenicians, conceals under the veil of allegories the great secrets of nature which were taught to those initiated.

  15. It is for this reason that our wise men urged upon us to keep their true teaching secret, and not to lift up the veil of allegory which conceals the truths they contain.

  16. Very few neglect this precaution; each, in her own manner, conceals the eggs she lays.

  17. Only, instead of the Bumble-bee, who enters the burrow and conceals her death from our eyes, it is necessary to substitute another adversary, less inclined to penetrate underground.

  18. He has two very singular tufts of long white hair on the fore part of the ears, which entirely conceals them when we look at the animal full in the face.

  19. It conceals itself also in holes, yet it does not burrow like the rabbit, but retires into the cavities of rocks, where it is very easily taken.

  20. The water-tanks form part of the framing on each side; a covering conceals all except the dome of the boiler.

  21. The degree to which the outside covering of the motor conceals the machinery from the public, while allowing it to be visible and accessible in all parts to the engineer.

  22. He wears a small cap--such as you see on men when they are travelling; a short sack coat; a pair of trousers of a somewhat wild and pronounced whiteish hue; and his beard is unkempt and almost conceals his entire face.

  23. Do you imagine that I have not long observed that my wife loves you, that her love is characterised by her violent, impetuous temper, and that her passion is the more powerful the more she conceals it?

  24. The sorrow stabs and Death conceals no smile From Love bowed weeping in a thorny place-- So long ago, our love is what are dreams!

  25. On the contrary, it is admirable for the skill with which it conceals its own mechanical ingenuity and presents an appearance of spontaneity and fluency.

  26. Its apparent simplicity lies in the fact that its profound mastery of technical resources conceals its superb art.

  27. He gains all points, who pleasingly confounds, Surprizes, varies, and conceals the bounds.

  28. He gains all points who pleasingly confounds, Surprizes, varies, and conceals the bounds.

  29. Behind this is a collar which overlaps the small neck and conceals the small mouth at the base of the proboscis.

  30. Through Wagner modernity speaks her most intimate language: it conceals neither its good nor its evil: it has thrown off all shame.

  31. Turf and flowerbeds carpet each terrace, and a tapestry of ivy and flowering vines conceals the walls of the structure.

  32. Clouds gather over me-- The moon conceals her light-- The lamp's extinguished!

  33. Now, reader, to the truth my verse conceals Make sharp thy vision; subtle is the veil So fine ‘twere easily passed through unseen.

  34. He has a beautiful outward appearance, under which he conceals an unamiable temper and a propensity to mischief.

  35. He consents, and is also treated to a banquet, during which Lazarillo delivers a paper to Don Jose containing the royal pardon of Don Caesar, but Don Jose conceals it.

  36. Ganymede once more takes to his heels, and Galatea conceals Midas by putting him on the pedestal behind the screen where she had stood.

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