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Example sentences for "croquette"

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  1. The croquette first given is dry when fried, and even the second form is somewhat so, many preferring them so.

  2. A more delicate croquette is made by using simply the white meat, and adding a set of calf's brains which have been boiled in salted water.

  3. On top of four pieces of toast put some lobster croquette preparation in a layer about one-quarter of an inch thick, put a piece of butter on top of each, and bake in oven.

  4. On top of each half place a round potato croquette the size of a walnut, and some Julienne potatoes around the steak.

  5. Then take out and make a border around the fish with potato croquette preparation, and bake again until the border is brown.

  6. Make a border with a potato croquette preparation, around a silver platter.

  7. When the fish is done make a border around the edge of the plank with potato croquette preparation, using a pastry bag with a star tube to squeeze the potato through.

  8. After ten minutes turn the roes over, make a bordure of potato croquette mixture around the plank, and return to oven to cook until done.

  9. Cut a round piece of toast and put some lobster croquette farce on top in the shape of a pyramid.

  10. Carefully mix and mold into croquette forms, dip in cracker dust and fry in deep, smoking fat until a light brown.

  11. What you have to aim at is a croquette or cutlet that will ooze out of the thin shell of egg and crumb when pressed with a fork.

  12. The difference between a croquette and a cutlet is just in the shape.

  13. Place croquette or cutlet on wire spoon and use tablespoon to pour the beaten egg over the croquette.

  14. The croquette mixture may be made into balls enclosing minced meat.

  15. Take up by rounded tablespoons, place in croquette basket and fry one minute in deep hot Cottolene (frying six fish balls at a time); drain on brown paper.

  16. Lay three at a time in a croquette basket and fry a golden brown in deep hot Cottolene.

  17. Place in croquette basket and fry in deep, hot Cottolene.

  18. Remove with skimmer to a croquette basket, let stand five minutes while the fat is heating.

  19. Arrange in croquette basket and fry a golden brown in deep, hot Cottolene.

  20. Crumbed food is usually arranged in a croquette basket before placing it in the hot fat.

  21. Croquette Sauce= To be used with different additions.

  22. Fold the sides of the leaf over and roll into croquette shape.

  23. Before you put that croquette mixture away, Marta, keep out a large tea-spoonful, and after luncheon I will come and make some balls for soup.

  24. Who has finished his croquette and is now ready for conversation.

  25. Veronica's eyes began to glow, and she pushed aside her plate, leaving the second croquette to grow cold while she spoke animatedly upon the subject that lay ever nearest her heart.

  26. Katherine finally yielded to her pleading, and telephoned Nyoda that she was going to stay in town until the ten-forty-five, which so delighted Veronica that she ordered another croquette all the way around to celebrate the happy circumstance.

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