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  1. The slayer of Madhu, of immeasurable soul, also sent them coins of pure gold by crores upon crores in separate heaps.

  2. Footnote 1: The total coat of the coast and frontier defences amounted to the very moderate sum of five crores of rupees, or about three and a half millions sterling.

  3. Proceeding from province to province, fie thus slew thousands of crores of Kshatriyas.

  4. And he gave him many domains, horses, jewels, and elephants, and ten crores of gold pieces, and a salary sixty times as great as before.

  5. And the king of Vatsa honoured that warder of her father's, giving him many crores of gold-pieces, garments and lumps of camphor, which had been brought in the chariot.

  6. But the king would not make over to him, even for hundreds of crores of gold pieces, that thief who had robbed on such a gigantic scale, and whom he had captured at the risk of his own life.

  7. And at last the army of Vikramaditya was routed by the forces of Narasinha, the lord of men, which contained many crores of footmen.

  8. Having told his dream in these words, the king gave away another ten crores of gold to beggars.

  9. If you give away ten crores of gold, you will be liberated from this guilt.

  10. For it is better to live for one moment, bound by the bonds of righteousness, than to live unrighteously for hundreds of crores of kalpas.

  11. After Yamajihva had said this, she gave that ape to Isvaravarman, and his father gave him two crores by way of capital.

  12. When the king had related his dream, he gave away, by order of the mendicant, ten crores of gold as an atonement for his sin, and again employed the charm for producing dreams.

  13. Paper to the value of more than three millions sterling, or three crores of rupees, is held by people residing in the city of Lucknow, and the people had never the slightest doubt that we should be ultimately triumphant.

  14. It is humiliating to us, it cannot be a matter of pride to you, that thirty crores of Indians should live day in and day out in the fear of their lives from one hundred thousand Englishmen and therefore be under subjection to them.

  15. The questioners say that if the two are necessary, real unity can never take place because crores of Sanatanis would never reconcile themselves to interdining, much less to intermarriage.

  16. We are determined to battle with all our might against that in the English nature which has made O'Dwyerism and Dyerism possible in the Punjab and has resulted in a wanton affront upon Islam a faith professed by seven crores of our countrymen.

  17. Crores and crores of rupees lent in the old days, and the interest spent now in gardens for the mems to play games in, and statues to their own Queen!

  18. It means sixty crores of rupees annually paid by us for piece-goods.

  19. They show how many hundreds of thousands of our men, women and children worked on this industry--mostly in their leisure time--each day and earned crores of rupees annually.

  20. And though we may not supply our own cloth entirely, we shall be saving yearly crores of rupees.

  21. Thus we see that crores of rupees were earned by these spinners and weavers by following their noble and honest calling.

  22. Over twenty-five crores of the population will be doing their own hand-spinning and having yarn thus manufactured woven in neighbouring localities.

  23. But if all put their hands to this work, it is incredibly easy, it involves very little sacrifice and saves an annual drain of sixty crores even if it does nothing else.

  24. And, O king, Gavakshya also of terrible mien and endued with a bovine tail, showed himself there, having collected sixty thousand crores of monkeys.

  25. And then the thirty-three crores of gods and all the powerful Marutas and the Sadhyas with the Vasus returned to the charge.

  26. And the renowned Gandhamadana, dwelling on the mountains of the same name, collected a hundred thousand crores of monkeys.

  27. The father-in-law of Vali, the illustrious Sushena, accompanied by a thousand crores of active apes, came to Rama.

  28. And those crores of greyish bears with long arms, and legs and huge paws, and generally supporting themselves on their broad haunches, were also urged on to support the attack.

  29. Rama then attacked Lanka with a hundred thousand crores of monkeys, all possessed of great skill in battle, and endued with reddish complexions like those of young camels.

  30. And Jamvuvan showed himself there with a hundred thousand crores of black bears of terrible deeds and faces having the Tilaka mark.

  31. Gaya and Gavakshya, each accompanied by a hundred crores of monkeys, showed themselves there.

  32. And the intelligent and mighty monkey known by the name of Panasa mustered together fifty-two crores of monkeys.

  33. And then the thirty-three crores of gods and all the powerful Marutas and the Sadhyas with the Vasus returned to the charge.

  34. And Jamvuvan showed himself there with a hundred thousand crores of black bears of terrible deeds and faces having the Tilaka mark.

  35. You will not have to pay these 60 crores of rupees which go out of India.

  36. From Manchester comes 60 crores of rupees worth of cloth every year.

  37. The much criticised practice, for example, of holding six crores of coined rupees in the Gold Standard Reserve is probably due to the provision by which that portion of the Currency Reserve, which is held in London, can be held only in gold.

  38. Currency Reserve and Government Balances) of 120 crores of rupees.

  39. I gave away eight crores of golden coins unto the Brahmanas, O Brahman, and then another ten crores also, in each sacrifice that I performed.

  40. I also gave away ten and then seven crores of steeds, O Grandsire, each of green complexion, each having ears that were dark, and each adorned with garlands of gold.

  41. In this way crores of rupees went into the pockets of English shopkeepers and others.

  42. A handful of alien robbers is ruining the crores of the people of India by robbing the wealth of India.

  43. The mutt contained three hundred crores of Lingayat priests, and great wealth was stored in it.

  44. On their return to the mutt, the Viramushtis found that the three hundred crores of priests had been miraculously beheaded, and the place was a vast pool of blood.

  45. The Accountant-General says, that on the 30th of April we may expect the reduction to amount to three crores and three-quarters.

  46. Though Lord Auckland did not advert to a deficiency of three-and-a-half crores in his paper on Afghanistan, he now acts upon it.

  47. Under the financial arrangements of the Reform Scheme, the provinces of India, taken together, secured an accession to their resources of about 11 crores of Rupees.

  48. And as he spoke, crores more than mortals saw Gathered to hear, and King Suddhodana And sweet Yasodhara entered the path.

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