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Example sentences for "cuds"

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  1. While he told them what the bays had said to him they chewed their cuds and listened with a dreamy look in their great, mild eyes.

  2. They were more than likely to stand and chew their cuds and look out upon the world with vacant stares and say nothing.

  3. There they are," said she, "reposing themselves and chewing their fiery cuds in that farthest corner of the field.

  4. We slept with the cows the first night in Russia, and I do not want to sleep again with animals that chew cuds all night, and get up half a dozen times to hump up their backs and stretch and bellow.

  5. There they are," said she, "reposing themselves and chewing their fiery cuds in that furthest corner of the field.

  6. If I could only get scientific endorsement for the scheme I would have no trouble in promoting a company to supply rubber cuds for cows.

  7. But the buffaloes cared not; to them it was pleasant and enjoyable, and they, one and all, stood placidly chewing their cuds and gazing calmly at nothing in particular.

  8. Hundreds of carts were drawn up in an orderly array while a regiment of oxen wandered about the hillside or sleepily chewed their cuds beside the loads.

  9. Groups of ten or twelve crowd about the trough; then, majestically swinging their padded feet, they move slowly to one side, kneel upon the ground, and sleepily chew their cuds until all the herd has joined them.

  10. The chewer of cuds was disconnected, and plodded off to his stable.

  11. Slow and sure must the knock-kneed chewer of cuds step from log to log.

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