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Example sentences for "cytoplasmic"

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  1. Meiosis in Rhynchonympha in one cytoplasmic and two nuclear divisions followed by autogamy.

  2. Reorganization in the zygote of Barbulanympha without nuclear or cytoplasmic division.

  3. The question, therefore, of the cytoplasmic or nuclear origin of the achromatic figure, at one time regarded as of considerable importance, is wholly immaterial.

  4. These cytoplasmic changes are initiated by the division into two of a minute body, the "centrosome," originally discovered by P.

  5. This indifferent nuclear or cytoplasmic position for the centrosome is paralleled by the attraction sphere or homologue of the centrosome in many Protozoa.

  6. Flagellum 1, sometimes with a tail-like posterior prominence passing into a temporary flagellum, but without other cytoplasmic processes.

  7. Corroborative evidence of the existence of cytoplasmic organ-forming stuffs has been supplied for several other species, e.

  8. The segmentation-cells into which these cytoplasmic substances are thus segregated show a marked specificity of development, giving rise, even when isolated, to definite organs of the embryo.

  9. He further showed that in the unsegmented but mature egg prelocalised cytoplasmic regions can be distinguished, which later become separated from one another through the segmentation of the egg.

  10. Cytoplasmic elaboration is not confined to the basal protoplasm, but takes place throughout the entire cell: it is especially active in the perinuclear cytoplasm.

  11. During cytoplasmic activity the granule of venogen and the ergastoplasmic venogen disappear.

  12. Nuclear elaboration and cytoplasmic elaboration constitute two different cycles of secretion.

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