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Example sentences for "cytological"

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cystitis; cysts; cyte; cytee; cytie; cytology; cytoplasm; cytoplasmic; cytye; cywydd
  1. Those who are familiar with the results of investigations in this branch of Science are convinced that any modern theory of heredity must rest on a basis of cytology and cannot be at variance with cytological facts.

  2. All attempts to investigate Heredity by cytological means lie under the disadvantage that it is the nuclear changes which can alone be effectively observed.

  3. Cytological observations on Endamoeba blattae from the cockroach, Blatta orientalis.

  4. Cytological studies on Nyctotherus ovalis with special reference to its morphological types.

  5. Lumbar puncture, July 28, yielded a clear fluid of normal tension without chemical or cytological changes.

  6. It is by means of the cytological evidence, however, that this problem will finally be solved.

  7. Latterly, however, as the result of the cytological investigations of Mottler and Lloyd Williams, great advance has been made in our knowledge of the conditions existing in Dictyota.

  8. The genus Nemalion has been recently investigated by Wolfe with the object of examining the cytological evidence.

  9. These cases do not, therefore, contradict the connection between X chromosomes and sex determination established by cytological observations and breeding experiments, on the contrary, they confirm it.

  10. This seems to be the only cytological work on the problem of hermaphroditism.

  11. We may finally ask whether there is any connection between the cytological basis of sex determination by special sex chromosomes and the physiological basis of sex determination by specific substances or internal secretions.

  12. Cytological examination has demonstrated the existence of one XXYY female, and has checked up the occurrence in the proper classes and proportions of the XXY females.

  13. Both the cytological and the genetic evidence shows that when two X chromosomes are present a female is produced, when one, a male.

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