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Example sentences for "cystitis"

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  1. The patient became progressively emaciated and exhausted, cystitis persisted, the bedsore deepened.

  2. The power of micturition was slowly recovered, and three weeks later he could pass water, at times in a dribbling stream only; the cystitis had improved.

  3. The patient suffered greatly for some weeks from pain in the hyperæsthetic area, he developed severe cystitis and later incontinence of urine.

  4. For ten days there was hæmaturia, and very severe cystitis developed, while the patient suffered with severe abdominal pain.

  5. The cystitis persisted, also retention, which gradually gave way to dribbling, while irregular rise of temperature and tenderness in the loins pointed to ascending inflammation in the ureters.

  6. Micturition continued frequent, with purulent cystitis for one month.

  7. When the cord is completely divided, no benefit can follow operative interference, and treatment is directed towards the prevention of infective complications from cystitis and bed-sores.

  8. In addition to the use of anti-syphilitic remedies, or of sera directed to neutralise the toxins of the causative organism, attention must be directed to the bladder, and steps taken to prevent cystitis and the formation of bed-sores.

  9. The usual precautions must be taken to prevent cystitis and bed-sores.

  10. The rectum becomes paralysed, and cystitis and pressure sores develop.

  11. Used in subacute stages of cystitis and gonorrhea.

  12. When a ligature makes its way into the bladder it will set up cystitis and serve as a nucleus for a vesical calculus.

  13. Cleanliness and care with the catheter must be enforced: cystitis causes much misery.

  14. The cystitis had entirely disappeared, and he was able, with some effort, to pass his urine without the aid of a catheter.

  15. He was put on light, nourishing diet, iron and strychnin were given internally, and electricity was applied to the lower extremities every other day; the cystitis was treated by irrigating the bladder each day with Thiersch's solution.

  16. Later on symptoms of cystitis developed, and an ultimate diagnosis of pyelitis of the right kidney was made.

  17. Bladder epithelia and pus-cells are seen in a few cases in small quantities, but decided cystitis is rare, unless it has ensued upon retention of urine.

  18. Neglect of this precaution has occasionally been the cause of much subsequent distress to the patient, as cystitis is sometimes set up as a consequence of it.

  19. Journal, 1873) there were cystitis and acute congestion of the kidneys with albuminuria.

  20. On the fourth day the urine resembled that of a case of cystitis (Lancet, Jan.

  21. Cystitis may be slight or severe, acute or chronic, partial or general.

  22. The bladder is often distended with dark-colored urine, and occasionally a marked cystitis has been observed.

  23. Cystitis may be due to an extension of gonorrhœal infection from the vagina and urethra, or from other purulent affections.

  24. If the acute attack of cystitis in the course of eight or ten days becomes modified, but convalescence is not established, then it is quite probable that the disease is drifting into a chronic stage.

  25. Acute cystitis runs its course in six or eight days; under favorable circumstances and appropriate treatment all painful symptoms will in that time have subsided, and the patient will have entered upon a course of permanent recovery.

  26. The best results are obtained in the worst chronic cases of cystitis and prostatitis.

  27. Some other extravagant claims made for this complex unscientific mixture are: “It gives relief in almost every form of cystitis and prostatitis.

  28. The results of this pernicious practice are Bright's disease of the kidneys, cystitis or inflammation of the bladder, and numerous other grave maladies.

  29. In division C are representations of the cells found in the urine of persons suffering from cystitis or other inflammatory diseases.

  30. In cystitis and uritis it is clearly indicated.

  31. A dilution of 1 to 4 is recommended for a variety of mouth conditions while for cystitis irrigations and as a vaginal douche, it is recommended that one tablespoonful be added to a quart of warm water or salt solution.

  32. Another way of cystitis being set up is by the introduction of the germs of suppuration by a catheter or bougie sweeping them in from the urethra; or the instrument itself may be unsterilized and dirty and so may introduce them.

  33. Any condition leading to disturbance of the function of the bladder, such as enlargement of the prostate, stricture of the urethra, stone, or injury, may cause cystitis by preparing the way for bacillary invasion.

  34. In due course septic germs reach the bladder, either from the urethra, the bowel, the kidneys or the blood-stream, and cystitis sets in.

  35. The bacilli of tuberculosis and of typhoid fever may set up cystitis by coming down into the bladder from the kidneys with the urine, or they reach it by the blood-stream, or invade it by the urethra.

  36. To remedy this condition it is necessary to treat the cystitis with which the bacterial decomposition of the urine is associated.

  37. Strychnia, belladonna, and those antiseptic drugs which are eliminated chiefly by the kidneys are of use when cystitis has to be treated and the bladder muscles urged to activity.

  38. Cystitis is or may be present, and with the retention is a constant threat to the kidneys.

  39. Acid, Boric: as boroglyceride as injection, in cystitis with an alkaline urine due to fermentation.

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