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Example sentences for "damns"

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damnedest; damneth; damnified; damning; damnosa; damnum; damoiseau; damoiselles; damos; damosel
  1. Who damns our trash, with so much trash replete?

  2. Tis harder far to please than give offence; The least misconduct damns the brightest sense; Each shallow pate, that cannot read your name, Can read your life, and will be proud to blame.

  3. Truth led to the Westminster Confession, which damns the great majority, Socrates included.

  4. He damns all heathen incontinently, which includes all the babies I ever knew, though he may have known babies that were not heathen.

  5. The Grecians gave to me this prize: He huffs the Greeks, and damns their eyes.

  6. Their young lips are not innocent of damns and short-sixes; and they imitate the vulgarity and conceit of the young men of the present day so successfully that you find it hard to believe that they are mere children.

  7. Stout Pearson damns around at her dread word;-- "Sit down!

  8. He believes that God damns a man for his own glory; that he sends babes to hell to establish his mercy, and that he filled the world with disease and crime simply to demonstrate his wisdom.

  9. Do you think that God, if there be one, when he saves or damns a man, will take into con- sideration all the circumstances of the man's life?

  10. God, in his infinite justice, damns a good man on his own merits, and saves a bad man on the merits of another.

  11. Who hates my song, and damns the poor design, Shall wound no peace--shall grieve no heart but mine!

  12. On the contrary, he damns it, and explains it as the logical and almost inevitable outcome of the rights of man!

  13. He even defends Walpole's character against Macaulay, but in the result he damns him with faint praise quite as effectively as Macaulay did.

  14. They really think that a good God damns his poor ignorant children just for his own glory, and that he sends people to perdition, not for any evil in them, but to the praise of his glorious justice.

  15. They believed then, and some pretend to believe still, that God damns a man not because he is bad, and that he saves a man not because he is good, but simply for the purpose of self-glorification as an exhibition of his eternal justice.

  16. St. Augustine, who damns them, assigns as a reason, that the souls of all men being comprised in that of Adam, it is probable that they were all accomplices.

  17. A God, who damns eternally, is the most odious of beings that the human mind can invent.

  18. It occupies the Place aux Dames of Victorian times; and now one need not hope to be able to pick up a paper or a book that has not most of its pages sprinkled with damns and hells as plentifully as a devil is sprinkled with cayenne.

  19. The years and acquiescences and rages have built up a mood which compasses me, drives me, damns me and lifts me up.

  20. So then the morale of my Damns remains perfunctory.

  21. Let my Damns be always brave, always contemptuous of disaster to me, and they will be first-water value though their kind alter never-so.

  22. There, where tapers flare on Hell's mouth This clan damns each giant Soldan first.

  23. He murmurs at him as the saints do at the wicked, as if he kept his right from him, for he makes his clownery a sect and damns all that are not of his Church.

  24. Even in the New Testament God only offers salvation to those who believe, and mercilessly damns all the rest.

  25. If Paul said, since by man came death by man came also the resurrection of the dead, the development of the doctrine necessitated that if it is God who damns it is also God who saves.

  26. A God who damns eternally must be the most odious Being that the human mind could imagine.

  27. The Christian, proud of his more modern revelation, equally damns the Indian and the Chinaman, the Mohammedan, and even the Jew, whose holy books he holds.

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