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Example sentences for "desiccated"

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  1. He was merely what he sensed from the storm and for some time he stayed this way soughing skidding around with it in his mind like a severed and desiccated old leaf.

  2. The sensitive tissue keeps well for three or four weeks in cool and dry weather, and no more than eight or ten days in summer unless well desiccated and kept in a preservative box.

  3. Remember that it should be quite desiccated within fifteen minutes.

  4. Any small desiccated spots should be covered with the paste.

  5. Falcony, desiccated the body in a mixture which was composed of saw dust and powdered zinc sulphate.

  6. He may, if he prefers, hold the opinion, which I consider erroneous, that bacteria exist in the air, not as germs but as desiccated organisms.

  7. But the case is entirely different when we inoculate our turnip infusion with the desiccated germinal matter afloat in the air.

  8. Precisely the same occurs if a turnip infusion be prepared in an atmosphere well charged with desiccated hay-germs.

  9. But the extension of this result to the desiccated germinal matter of the air is without warrant or justification.

  10. The absence or presence of a truss of desiccated hay would produce differences as great as those here described.

  11. Here it grows with great rapidity during the "rains," and often becomes desiccated even more rapidly as soon as the rain ceases.

  12. As the sponge becomes desiccated its cells perish.

  13. One tablespoonful of freshly grated cocoanut or two of the desiccated will give a very pleasant and delicate flavor; and if a more intense flavor is desired, use a larger quantity.

  14. As found in our Northern markets, the cocoanut is difficult of digestion, as is likewise the prepared or desiccated cocoanut.

  15. Simmer two tablespoonfuls of desiccated cocoanut in a pint of milk for twenty minutes, and strain through a fine sieve.

  16. Desiccated tomatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables are also mixed with the cereals for bread-making.

  17. Says Mrs. Partington: "Many a fair home has been desiccated by poor cooking, and a man's table has been the rock on which his happiness has split.

  18. Tie a tablespoonful of desiccated cocoanut in a clean cloth, and pound it as fine as flour; mix it with a tablespoonful of sugar and the white of an egg beaten to a stiff froth.

  19. Simmer one half cup of desiccated cocoanut in a pint of milk for twenty minutes.

  20. The traveler will make his selection carefully, building around pork, pilot bread and pemmican with other articles of food like desiccated vegetables from which water has been eliminated.

  21. It is well when possible to carry frozen fresh meat, free from bone, with a proportion of desiccated vegetables to vary the diet.

  22. Jerked venison and desiccated vegetables make tasty and sustaining additions to the ration, and will not freeze.

  23. Externally there is desiccated horn, internally mucous water.

  24. The animal coverings are desiccated respiratory organs appertaining to the integument.

  25. The tubes of the Tubulariæ appear to be nothing else than the posterior extremity of the Polyp, desiccated or dried.

  26. They are desiccated air-branchiæ, alary opercula or elytra, and consequently indicate that feature of the Insect, which has continued to work its way into the class of Fishes.

  27. In many worms the same branchial filaments are converted into hairs or bristles, which are therefore none other than desiccated branchial filaments.

  28. Desiccated forests are to be found with the trees still standing, as they will continue to stand in this dry climate for centuries.

  29. It seems to have dropped out of the world's economy, and certain regions to have reverted to a phase of pristine freedom from sordid competition, which argues much for a decreased population and a desiccated area of once flourishing lands.

  30. I started breaking off chunks of this desiccated Martian vegetation, and my companion caught the idea and brought in an armful.

  31. There's not enough water to waste any where on this desiccated pill called Mars.

  32. Desiccated secretin of extreme potency has been prepared by various physiologists,[91] 1 mg.

  33. The contact with that desiccated skin intensified to an extraordinary degree Hilda's emotional sympathy for the ageing woman.

  34. A girl who marries once for money is always ready to marry again for more money--or for more love--for she always wants more than the desiccated ass who first bought her can give her.

  35. She was suppressed in busy habitual action in which thoughts would have trouble permeating through her hardened, desiccated surface.

  36. And then, in that evening of the third day of Migraines, her flow of energy was now a desiccated bed of rock and soot.

  37. Here are desiccated vegetables; culmination of humiliation to nostril and stomach; a cross between counter-irritant and disinfectant; plausible as an argument for free raw material.

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