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Example sentences for "detainer"

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detailed; detailing; details; detain; detained; detainers; detaining; detains; detarmined; dete
  1. Sir, "Since you forbid me to write to you upon the subject of my detainer I shall not rouse the anger or contempt with which you have been pleased to treat me by disobeying your order.

  2. A complaint must be made and the cause of detainer submitted to a judge before the writ can go.

  3. On the whole, we are thoroughly satisfied that our duty requires us to view and examine the cause of detainer now, and to make an end of the business at once, if it appear that we have no power to discharge him on the return of the writ.

  4. A detainer was lodged against him at the gate—a detainer for a thousand pounds!

  5. I resolved to avail myself of this opportunity to call on Walkden, and represent to him the cruelty and absurdity of keeping Alexander in confinement, when by withdrawing the detainer he might restore him to freedom.

  6. They also have original jurisdiction in forcible entry and detainer proceedings.

  7. What a daily loss this detainer must have been to the proprietors!

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