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Example sentences for "dices"

Lexicographically close words:
dicenda; dicendi; dicendum; dicens; dicere; diceva; dich; dicha; dichas; dicho
  1. Dices hoc idem Varroni, si Page 145 you suppose there was some aspiration which was left unfulfilled?

  2. No dices nada; no te arrepientes, no protestas.

  3. Boiled ham cut in small dices and one small piece of butter.

  4. Cut in small dices one carrot and one celery root, and put in casserole with one chopped onion and two ounces of butter.

  5. Put in a casserole one ounce of butter, and three truffles cut in dices about one-eighth inch square.

  6. Take the inside of two stalks of celery and cut in very small dices boiled, and use for garnishing.

  7. Garnish with one bouquet of pimentos cut in small dices and heated in butter; one bouquet of green peppers cut in the same manner and sauteed in butter; one bouquet of asparagus tips, and one of chicken hash in cream.

  8. Cut a pound of raw lamb, from the shoulder or leg, in dices about one-half inch square.

  9. Cut some parboiled sweetbreads in small dices and simmer a few minutes with a piece of butter.

  10. Allow to cool, and cut in dices one-quarter inch square.

  11. Bread cut in small dices and fried in butter.

  12. When golden yellow add one tablespoonful of flour, mix, add one pound of potatoes cut in dices one-quarter inch square, one quart of stock or bouillon, and a bouquet garni.

  13. When done strain through sieve and serve with small dices of bread fried in butter.

  14. Cut into small dices two apples, one stalk of celery, two buttons of cooked artichokes, a few asparagus tips, and one truffle.

  15. Chop the white meat of a boiled fowl very fine, mix with one truffle cut in small dices and one-half cup of well-seasoned cream sauce.

  16. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dices" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.