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Example sentences for "eddied"

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edad; edax; eddicated; eddication; eddies; eddying; eded; edel; edelweiss
  1. The pines rocked, the storm eddied and whirled above the miserable group, and the flames of their altar leaped heavenward, as if in token of the vow.

  2. The Punic square divided; three columns were swallowed up, and eddied beneath the porches.

  3. Sickening smells rose from the borders of the Lake, and were wafted through the air together with the fumes of the aromatics that eddied at the corners of the streets.

  4. Only a short time back the shut-in pool had been a scene of beauty; now it was like a black hollow of misery and despair, as the water dashed down and then swirled and eddied in the hideous whirlpool.

  5. Against the easy clamor of his speech she could find nothing to oppose, and ordinarily her tongue tripped and eddied and veered as easily and nonchalantly as a feather in a wind.

  6. The steel citadel was full of acrid-smelling smoke that eddied in the air-currents which drifted in through the observation slits.

  7. Between the bars of the "fidley" wafts of hot air and steam, mingled with the nauseating odours of burning oil, eddied upwards.

  8. Noxious oil-fumed smoke belched in dense columns, glowing like fanned charcoal as it eddied clear of the funnels.

  9. When this happened the crowd eddied and flowed about the object in its centre and presently swept on again with the same hooting and laughter.

  10. But at this point the current of his thoughts eddied against Toft, and he cursed the man anew.

  11. Then the smoke eddied undisturbed while the three stared vacantly into space, trying to think.

  12. The streets had become deserted although groups still eddied slowly about the subway kiosks.

  13. Light wreaths of foam eddied about the stones.

  14. Attentively Stueckrath observed the little point of glowing fire in his hand, from which eddied upward a wreath of fragrant smoke.

  15. For a moment only, and then it surged on again, seethed and eddied in agitated whirlpools amongst the stakes and strands of the torturing wires, came on again, and with a roar of hate and frenzied triumph leaped at the low parapet.

  16. The rush swept up on the trench, engulfed it as a wave engulfs the cleft on a rock beach, boiled and eddied about it, and then .

  17. A turmoil of smoke eddied down upon an empty wooden crate in the middle of the floor, a litter of rags and straw tried to soar, but only stirred feebly in the draught.

  18. The wind, which had risen with nightfall to a gale off the water, whipped snow with it which swirled and back-eddied with the switching cars into the great, gaping stern of the ferry.

  19. Eddied through speech, "rise up; be strong: And learn how right avenges wrong.

  20. Across the shaft of light the smoke eddied strangely.

  21. Occasionally a sharp sound eddied the motionless silence--a paddle dropped, the prow of a canoe splashed as it was lifted to the water, the tame crow uttered a squawk.

  22. A soft whirring sound filled the room; the newspaper on the bed, dislodged, eddied to the floor; the wings were a mere white blur.

  23. Almost at their feet the waters of the creek wound between banks of glittering snow crystals, and above them the great bank of frozen mist eddied and rolled.

  24. The mangroves bent, too, before the wind, and the sand eddied up in tiny whirls amid the great expanse of cactus, while the vessels swung with taut cables to their anchors.

  25. Into the lock the girl fitted a cumbersome brass key and then for a long minute she stood there breathing the forenoon air that eddied in currents of fresh warmth.

  26. Wisps of smoke eddied betwixt the sun and the awning, throwing fantastic shadows upon the bellying canvas.

  27. To attempt to escape by swimming was almost an impossibility, as the water surged and eddied past, forming a dangerous whirlpool close to the stern of the vessel.

  28. Spurts of red-tinged smoke eddied from her open scuttles.

  29. And the light snow swirled and eddied behind them.

  30. The smooth, quiet river, interrupted at last, murmured and snarled and eddied back, only to rush with increased vehemence around the end of the rapidly growing obstruction.

  31. The smoke eddied in wreaths round the room and drifted out above; the farther corners were quite dark.

  32. The wind whistled between the planks, the dense smoke eddied round the little hut; they piled on sticks and began preparations for supper.

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