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Example sentences for "edified"

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edifice; edifices; edificio; edificios; edifie; edifies; edifieth; edify; edifying; ediles
  1. There he met Brother Bartholomew, who was so edified by his frantic piety and the odour of sanctity which pervaded the vagrant, that he attached himself to the young pilgrim as an ardent disciple.

  2. All which not only edified the living, but afforded vast gratification to the souls in Purgatory.

  3. The final pictures may be taken in front of buildings with which the architect or his favorite master has already edified this republic, or if the war is over, before some surviving old-world models.

  4. Serious Americans pronounce themselves beneficiaries of Wells' works, and I confess myself edified and thoroughly grateful.

  5. I was edified by the venerable presence of the faith in this people, as fresh and strong as ever to-day.

  6. On the contrary, my dear Dick, for I have been as much edified as interested in the saintly life you have revealed to me.

  7. Louis received them with a faith that edified every one, and a joy that showed how he had profited by his illness to prepare for heaven.

  8. I daily walk in the comforts of the Holy Ghost, and was edified and refreshed in the multitude of peace!

  9. I cannot say any one of the prisoners was effectually wrought upon; however, much evil was prevented, many were convinced, and my own soul was much edified and strengthened in the love of God and man.

  10. Had it not been for Cowper's visitation, the world might never have been presented with The Task, nor the Church of Christ been edified with the Olney Hymns.

  11. We confess that we are edified by this simple, yet sublime and holy piety.

  12. His friends and neighbours edified his ears with as many taunts and jeers as Saint Jacques had the honour of receiving in Compostella, but the poor fellow took it so to heart, that at last they tried rather to assuage his grief.

  13. When he said this, that Brother was greatly edified at the humble words that proceeded from his mouth.

  14. Being an eager lover of the Scriptures he edified many by his holy discourse.

  15. The people will be edified with this procedure, and no occasion left of suspecting you, either of niceness or covetousness.

  16. The prelate, edified with the modesty of the father, and struck with that venerable air of sanctity which appeared in his countenance, took him up immediately, and embraced him with great tenderness.

  17. It happened also, that many Indians newly converted to the faith, being neither cultivated by wholesome instructions, nor edified by good examples, forgot insensibly their baptism, and returned to their ancient superstitions.

  18. The soldiers lived almost in the nature of men in orders; and even their piety edified the people.

  19. Some of the greatest quality in the court were so much edified with the apostolic life of Xavier and Rodriguez, that they were desirous to embrace their institute; as some learned persons of the city had already done.

  20. As, however, you dislike Welsh, I shall carry on the conversation with him in English, though peradventure you may not be more edified by it in that language than if it were held in Welsh.

  21. Or else, kneeling on an arm-chair, she imitated the voice and manner of a preacher she had heard in Rome, and who did not seem to have sufficiently edified her.

  22. Julia was henceforth free to follow her vocation, and she was preparing for it with an impatient ardor that edified the good ladies of the convent.

  23. It was afterwards re-edified by his successors, and its parts distinguished by Eski and Yeni, the Old and the New Bazaar.

  24. Meanwhile, Clement, with the aid of Wilhelm Müller, examined the state of affairs with a promptitude and sagacity that greatly edified the honest and intelligent clerk who initiated him into this new business.

  25. At the Laurentian library we were edified by the sight of some famous old manuscripts, invaluable to classical scholars.

  26. Wouldn't Gus be edified if he was in my place!

  27. On his return to his country he was received as a saint; he shut himself up in the monastery of Redon,[27] and died regretted by the cenobites whom he had edified by the relation of his pilgrimages.

  28. He once more edified the Christians of the holy city by the expressions of his repentance and the austerities of his penance.

  29. He lived there in humility and penitence, and was buried among the cenobites he had edified by his virtues.

  30. The clergy was edified by his frequent visits and liberal gifts to the shrines of the apostles.

  31. He retracted the language, not the doctrine, and edified the world by his submission.

  32. I do not know when I have had my own wants so fervently expressed, or been more edified at family worship, and his allusion to Abby was very touching.

  33. I never read a modern religious book that had in it so much, that really edified me.

  34. Hamilton, and were greatly edified by the sermon, which was on the text: "Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.

  35. I fancy that people were not much edified with the apparition.

  36. She edified me by her habit of going to bed with the lambs, and getting up with the larks to do her own dusting.

  37. In every direction I turn I am so edified by the example of hard work that I long for the luxury of being shocked by idleness.

  38. Had only time to swallow a mouthful of breakfast, and off to church; where I heard about as thorough a cock and bull sermon as ever I hope to be edified withal.

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