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Example sentences for "epilogue"

  • In Vapid he was truly excellent and delivered the epilogue with a force and humour which merited and indeed received three successive rounds of applause after the curtain dropped.

  • An epilogue has been composed by Mr. Sheridan in support of these opinions, superior in pathos, poetry and practical deduction, to any I ever read.

  • The prologue and epilogue were therefore composed within less than a month of his death.

  • Blackmore and Collier, in the Prologue and Epilogue to the Pilgrim, i, 436 last period of the life of, ib.

  • The Prologue and Epilogue in question may have been those spoken by Mr Hart and Mrs Marshall, (Vol.

  • The prologues and epilogues of the Restoration plays are frequently addressed to the gallants, and often in a language which would appeal to them; for instance, a French Marquis speaks the epilogue in Farquhar's Constant Couple: .

  • The short introduction and epilogue were most probably the composition of Caxton himself.

  • Cibber, Epilogue to The Careless Husband, and Farquhar, Preface to The Inconstant.

  • I do not think that the satirical character of the play has heretofore been remarked, though the controversial allusions of the epilogue are, of course, well known.

  • But an earlier reminiscence of the play may be found in Greene's mention of Ninevie and Jonas in the dedication and epilogue of the Mourning Garment, 1590.

  • After the Play we were entertained with an Epilogue fraught with Humour, and spoken with Spirit.

  • In the epilogue to the 'Second Part of Henry IV' Shakespeare had written: 'If you be not too much cloyed with fat meat, our humble author will continue the story with Sir John in it .

  • There the epilogue expressly denied that Falstaff had any characteristic in common with the martyr Oldcastle.

  • This is objected to Dryden by one of his antagonists: "Nor could ever Shimei be thought to have cursed David more bitterly, than he permits his friend to blaspheme the Roman priesthood in his epilogue to the 'Spanish Friar.

  • A Tragedy in Five Acts, as performed at the Boston Theatre, with the Epilogue by R.

  • The epilogue to The Sister was written by Oliver Goldsmith.

  • Epilogue a rubric--'The Prologe of the Squieres Tale'; see vol.

  • Epilogue to the Nonne Prestes Tale; because, in them, that Tale precedes.

  • Wife's Tale follow the Marchantes Tale; and there is nothing in the text itself to shew that the Epilogue to the Marchantes Tale is inseparably connected with the Squire's Prologue.

  • Epilogue and the Squire's Prologue continuously, and E.

  • In the Epilogue Mrs. Behn asserts that she wrote The False Count with ease in something less than a week.

  • The Prologue and Epilogue were delivered in his own person by the actor who had the part of the Saviour.

  • Epilogue Under the inspired guidance of Shoghi Effendi the Bahá’í Cause grew steadily in size and in the establishment of its Administrative Order, so that by 1951 there were eleven functioning National Spiritual Assemblies.

  • This has been done with a minimum of alteration to the text, and chiefly by the use of footnotes and of an epilogue giving the current statistics and new developments in the organic unfoldment of the Bahá’í Faith.

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